If T3 therapy is not done properly, patients can waste a lot of time and money (on visits and medicine) without even knowing it. We use the term Wilson’s T3 Therapy (the WT3 protocol) to distinguish our protocol from other ways doctors give T3 medicine.

The WT3 protocol for Multiple Enzyme Dysfunction due to low body temperature patterns is directed towards normalization of body temperature patterns in order to relieve the symptoms of MED. In many cases the symptoms of MED have been seen to be almost inseparably related to body temperature patterns. The WT3 protocol can often very effectively, predictably, reproducibly, and comfortably influence body temperature patterns. The symptoms of MED and body temperature patterns have frequently been seen to remain persistently improved even after the WT3 protocol has been discontinued. So the WT3 protocol can be useful as a symptomatic (addressing the symptoms) and/or a therapeutic (correcting the underlying problem) intervention for the symptoms of MED due to low body temperature patterns especially when due to Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome. This book contains a good description of the treatment for Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome but any doctors, or patients for that matter, that are actually pursuing the treatment of Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome are referred to the Doctor’s Manual for Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome (currently in its 6th Edition). Over a year was spent carefully revising it. It contains the treatment protocol in full detail, including the answers to all the questions that come up with the WT3 protocol. There’s an illustration on almost every page, 8 case studies, 12 pages of management flow-charts, and lists of the important points and questions, and their answers (you can read it here for free online). When this book and the first edition of the manual first came out, the response was overwhelming. There are over a thousand doctors treating this now. It became immediately obvious that I would not be able to personally assist every doctor or patient with the protocol. But perhaps only Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome sufferers themselves, felt any more acutely than I, the need for me to make my experience available to other doctors. So I poured it into the Doctor’s Manual. The protocol is finite, and it’s in there.