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T3 with Sustained-Release

The T3 medicine that is currently on the market (Cytomel) is instant release. But Dr. Wilson and other doctors prefer using T3 that has been mixed with a sustained-release agent for Wilson’s T3 therapy. This appears to be best accomplished by skilled and experienced pharmacists with specialized equipment. This equipment is capable of evenly mixing a small vial (the size of your little finger) of pure T3 powder, into an amount of material that would fill about half of a bathtub.  According to the design of this approach, the better mixed it is the more smoothly the T3 will be released a little at a time.

T3 is usually packed into capsules of varying strengths that are to be taken twice a day. It’s a good idea to take the T3 capsules with a full glass of water since the sustained-release system operates by way of ongoing hydration of the capsule. The capsules are prescribed by doctors.

When Dr. Wilson first started treating Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome, Cytomel (instant release) was all he used. When he had about 300 patients at a time on Cytomel, he would get about 6-8 beeper (technology before cell phones) pages over the weekend from patients having complaints and 2-3 of those calls would be about some pretty worrisome side effects. When Dr. Wilson thought of and started using T3 mixed with a sustained-release agent (see Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome history) he would go 6 months without a page.

When T3 with a sustained-release agent is taken properly according to the Doctor’s Manual. T3 therapy is generally very well tolerated and the benefits can be amazing.