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We all know that our bodies function optimally with a healthy diet and proper exercise.  Our bodies are made to function best on the real food found in nature.  Now imagine how powerfully beneficial it might be to our bodies to grow pristine certified organic plants, harvest them at the ideal times for maximum potency, handle them with care to preserve their quality and then concentrate them for greater strength.  We can think of them as potent groceries. Many doctors don’t know how beneficial botanical medicines can be since they have never used such products and seen the results.  However, many doctors have seen fantastic results with the use of top quality professional herbal supplements by Restorative Formulations.

Restorative Formulations are formulated by, and their production from seed to capsule are overseen by Michaël Friedman, ND.  He has been an adjunct professor of endocrinology at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine and is the author of several books including, “Fundamentals of Naturopathic Endocrinology,” which has been used in naturopathic medical schools to teach students about how to use herbs to support endocrine problems.  Dr. Wilson and Dr. Friedman met over the phone in 2001 when Dr. Friedman invited Dr. Wilson to speak to his class about T3 therapy.  In the process, Dr. Wilson found out from Dr. Friedman how he was using herbs to support thyroid health sometimes in conjunction with T3 therapy.  Dr. Wilson spoke to some of Dr. Friedman’s patients and was amazed by how well they were doing.  The two doctors decided to make these botanical formulations available to other physicians so they could easily implement the power of botanical medicine in their own practices.   Consequently, they co-founded Restorative Formulations.

Unlike many pharmaceuticals that contain only one type of molecule that is not found in nature, each Restorative Formulation product typically contains thousands of constituents.  Many of these constituents have known beneficial properties while there may be many other constituents and benefits that are yet to be discovered.  That’s one frequently overlooked advantage to using real, high-quality plants in producing supplements.  Inasmuch as our bodies are built to thrive on the plants of this planet, harvesting them and concentrating them for our convenience can be quite beneficial.

Restorative Formulations are available only through healthcare practitioners.  If you would like to know of a practitioner in your area that can help you with Restorative Formulations supplements you can click here.