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Dr. Wilson Presenting on Fastercise to Doctors in Brazil

Anything we can do to reduce physical, mental, and emotional stress in our bodies can help us recover from WTS.  This can include improved nutrition, exercise, rest, and perspective.

Dr. Wilson has been training doctors in the management of thyroid and metabolism for 30 years.  With all of his experience and research he has developed a revolutionary fitness approach specifically designed to support healthy body temperatures and metabolic rate.  Surprisingly, this extremely efficient targeted approach, Fastercise, only requires about 5 minutes a day of exercise.

Fastercise is specifically designed to increase the size, number, strength, and health of the mitochondria.  Mitochondria are the parts of your cells that turn food into energy.  Obviously, the stronger and healthier your mitochondria the easier it will be for you to burn calories and generate energy, so you can more easily lose excess fat without feeling tired.

Fastercise involves using the same efficient exercises that your body uses automatically.  When your body gets cold enough, it shivers to stay warm.  Shivering is the body’s fastest way to burn calories.  In fact, shivering uses 120 times more energy than your body uses at rest. Shivering creates a sudden energy demand in the body that releases a tremendous amount of energy from your fat. That’s why after 1 minute of shivering, your hunger goes away within seconds and remains at bay for up to two hours (120 minutes).  But you don’t have to be cold to shiver.  You can shiver voluntarily without being cold and get the same benefits.

It’s easy to see why the body shivers to warm up when its body temperature gets too low.  It’s also easy to see how this efficient activity can help people with chronically low temperatures (Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome).  One minute of shivering (Fastercise) can raise your body temperature by one degree Fahrenheit.

But it’s not just in the moment.  Some people who practice Fastercise daily have found that their average body temperatures tend to rise over time.

The profound health benefits from this simple approach are really quite surprising.  Fastercise has helped many people lose weight easily when nothing else they had tried worked for them.  Fastercise helps with fat loss in quite a simple way. Our bodies store energy in the form of fat so we can operate without eating constantly. Phones also store energy in their batteries. An icon on your phone lets you know when your phone is charging.  Like phones, our bodies have a “charge mode.”  We call it the “fed state.” When you eat a meal, a hormone (insulin) in your body goes up; this hormone directs your body to store energy in the form of fat, glycogen, and muscle.  When your meal runs out, 4 other hormones (epinephrine, growth hormone, glucagon, and cortisol) go up; these hormones direct your body to release energy from your energy stores. Shivering also boosts the production of these 4 hormones. So, by pushing off your hunger with shivering you get a powerful 1-2 punch of fat burning!

The key to losing fat is to simply have your body spend more time running off its “battery” (fat). Your body signals you when your meal runs out and you start running off your battery.  That signal is called hunger. Hunger is a warning notification that you’re starting to burn muscle, as the body starts metabolizing muscle before fat. Fortunately, it’s easy to handle that alert and preserve your muscle. To let your body know that you want to burn your fat battery instead of burning muscle or eating a meal, all you have to do is shiver for a minute. This way, you can get hours of hunger-free fat burning with just minutes of exercise.

In Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome, it’s as if the body gets stuck in “conservation mode.”  The stress the body has endured is motivating it to conserve energy and store fuel.  On the other hand, pushing off your appetite with Fastercise sends your body clear hormonal signals that it’s OK for the body to leave conservation mode and start living normally again.

When we shiver, we use far more energy than our mitochondria can supply in the moment.  That’s why we can get can’t-talk-out-of-breath-winded in just 60 seconds.  This sends our bodies a powerful signal that stimulates them to increase the size and number of our mitochondria.

Our mitochondria play a central role in our immune function.  Strong mitochondria can help us get over illnesses, and reduce chronic inflammation (which is the common denominator of most chronic illnesses).

Health care professionals and teachers have found that Fastercise can help people focus, including people with ADHD and people on the autism spectrum.

There are a number of products on the market that mimic epinephrine such as appetite suppressants, caffeine, nicotine, attention deficit medications, and even decongestants.  But remember, Fastercise increases epinephrine naturally.  One minute of Fastercise can wake you up, curb your appetite, increase your energy, help you focus, and even clear nasal congestion quickly.  It’s all very surprising.

Dr. Wilson has written The Power of Fastercise with over 200 scientific references detailing all the science behind Fastercise.


There is also a Fastercise phone app that can easily guide you through implementing Fastercise in your life right now:

Herbal support

You can think of herbs as groceries.  You can think of well-prepared herbal supplements as potent groceries.  Some people are able to normalize their low body temperatures with herbal support alone.  You can get Thyroid Px from many of the practitioners on our referral service.  You can also contact Restorative Formulations at 800 420 5801 and they can refer you to a practitioner.  Herbs can be profoundly helpful for many people.

Prescription T3 Therapy

Not everyone is able to normalize their low body temperature with just Fastercise, good nutrition, and herbal support.  Some people will need T3 therapy to get their temperatures up.  Remember, T3 stimulates receptors in the nucleus of the cell as well as in the mitochondria themselves.  Sometimes people need that to help them recover.  When we feel better, we might have more energy to exercise and eat right, which might help us feel better.  In this way, the Wilson’s T3 protocol (or WT3 protocol for short) might result in an upward spiral of restored health. Results of the WT3 protocol have been published in the medical literature. The protocol is an excellent treatment approach for a slow metabolism due to Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome and is administered under a healthcare practitioner’s care.

Our entire approach to restoring your health is fundamentally different than most other approaches. This means it will likely be quite different than what you’ve tried or heard of before, but it may also finally restore your health when nothing else has. For more information about how we focus on helping the body correct the problem rather than just treating the symptoms, you can click here: Nature of Restorative Medicine

Many people are able to tolerate the WT3 protocol quite well without any side effects. When people do get side effects they are typically short-term, not long-term. Since T3 is a natural hormone found in everyone’s body since birth, it doesn’t directly damage any of the body’s tissues. It is possible that short-term side effects of T3 therapy could aggravate existing health problems so WT3 therapy should be done according to the WT3 protocol and according to your healthcare practitioner’s instructions.

The side effects of the WT3 protocol may include fluid retention, achiness, jitteriness, irritability, increased awareness of heartbeat, and increased heart rate.

People can sometimes notice a difference within hours or days of taking the WT3 protocol. And sometimes, people’s complaints can sometimes get a little worse before they get better.