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New Things Are Happening Every Day

New Things Are Happening Every Day

There seems to be a sort of unspoken sentiment, with some, that we pretty much already know all there is to know in the field of medicine and about the human body. Since there has been such an explosion of medical knowledge and technology, and because we know so much more now than was known 30 or 40 years ago, it’s easy for it to seem that we have almost everything figured out. But, as it turns out, we have barely scratched the surface and we are not even close to understanding everything there is to know about the wonderful and complex creation that we call the human body. In this information and technology age, new things are popping up around us all the time.

Another reason for difficulty in grasping this possibility is that we have learned about big things in history class. And, of course, history happened in the past. So it’s natural for us to tend to think that, therefore, big things happen only in the past. Even though we know that breakthroughs are happening every day, by the time we know about them they are established in history.

It also would seem that if there was such a simple problem with such profound physiological consequences, that it would have been discovered a long time ago.

But we realize, for instance, that all the working parts of gas string trimmers, like Weedeaters, have been around since World War 11, namely the internal combustion engine, drive mechanisms, grease, oil, gas, and nylon. However, it took until the early 70’s for these materials to be combined in such a way as to create a gas string trimmer, a tool that has proven to be extremely useful in the lawn maintenance industry. There is nothing complicated about spinning nylon or the string trimmer, but that didn’t keep it from going undeveloped for 25 years.

So, new and different things do happen today just like they happened in the past. They happen every day, and it is often said that “fact is stranger than fiction.” But seeing that it is true, the greatest tragedy would be for people to be unaware of the treatment for Wilson’s Syndrome.

The sooner Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome is recognized for what it is, the sooner we will change the way we address almost every medical problem, and reduce the devastating toll it takes on our productivity and quality of life.