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Very Simple, But Very Significant

Very Simple, But Very Significant

What if there was a condition that was so common that its manifestations, signs, and symptoms were sometimes considered to be a “normal” part of life? Let’s suppose that it could make people miserable, but could not be easily proven or demonstrated with blood tests currently available? What if the condition caused signs that might not be obvious to those who came into contact with the suffering person? Or, what if its manifestations were usually attributed to other causes so that the underlying condition would continue to be overlooked? What if the person suffering from the condition was sometimes the only one who could really tell that there was something wrong? What if the condition was so insidious that it sometimes wasn’t even obvious to the suffering person that there was something physically wrong, leading them to doubt their own mental and psychological health? What if the root problem was a physiological deficiency so fundamental that it could virtually affect every function in the human body, and thus cause all manner of symptoms? And finally, what if this condition continued to be overlooked for years in spite of being very recognizable and easily treated?

If one considers the possibilities, it’s easy to see the effect such a condition could have upon our lives. It could account for a great deal of lost productivity and decreased quality of life in our families, jobs, and social lives. It could lead to personal discouragement and unfounded conclusions and criticism from others.

If this one problem could be easily treated, then a large number of awful complaints could be relieved with one simple and effective treatment. And so it is with Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome.

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