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WTS Protocols

There are many tools available to help people recover normal body temperatures and improve their health.  These tools include lifestyle changes, herbs, nutrition, and T3 therapy.

  • Lifestyle measures include an anti-inflammatory diet (possible gluten-free, dairy-free, decreased sugar and refined carbohydrates), improved gut health, detoxification, stress reduction, correction of nutritional deficiencies, eating organically, ruling out food sensitivities, proper sleep, and exercise (see
  • Nutritional support can include Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Iodine, Selenium, Zinc, Fish Oil, B12, Vitamin C, Iron, and more. Herbal support can include certified organic high potency formulas of Guggul Myrrh, Blue Flag, Triphala, Ashwagandha, Eleutherococcus, Holy Basil, Rhodiola.  Doctors can get high-quality products made with organic herbs at Restorative Formulations.  If you are a patient, your doctor can obtain these products for you by setting up an account at 800 420 5801; or, if you would like to know of a doctor near you that is already using RF products you can contact the RF Connect program by emailing: [email protected].
  • For T3 therapy you can consider two different protocols, the original protocol, and the simplified protocol.  Original Protocol – The original protocol involves adjusting the dose of T3 based on body temperature. The T3 dose is increased step by step in order to normalize the body temperature.  This protocol is explained in thorough detail in this free ebook that you can read now online.  Chapter 7 of this doctor’s manual explains many principles of T3 therapy which are very helpful to understand.  Simplified Protocol – The simplified protocol cycles patients up on the T3 so long as their pulse rates do not go above 100 b/m and as long as they’re not having any complaints.  The simplified protocol is easy to explain to patients and easy to understand.  This protocol helps about 80% of the people with Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome.  Some people that don’t do well on the simplified protocol may do better on the original protocol.   Many doctors begin with the simplified protocol and use the original protocol as needed.  The Simplified Protocol is explained in thorough detail in these video tutorials.
  • Remember that Dr. Wilson provides free tech support to any physicians wanting to learn how to implement any and all of these modalities into their practices.