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How do I know if I have Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome?

What’s considered a low temperature?

How is the body temperature measured, and why?

What kind of symptoms can a low temperature cause?

What if Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome is left untreated?

What can be done to fix it (proper T3 therapy)?

How can a low temperature cause so many symptoms?

What causes a low body temperature?

Which people are most susceptible to getting Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome?

Is Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome more common in men or women?

Why is Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome undiagnosable with thyroid blood tests?

What does the T3 therapy involve?

Why don’t more doctors know about this?

Might Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome explain why the thyroid treatment I’m taking now isn’t working?

Myth 1 – Once on thyroid, thyroid for life

Myth 2 – Thyroid medicine will damage the thyroid gland if the thyroid tests are normal

Myth 3 – T4 is the most important thyroid hormone

Myth 4 – Thyroid medicine is poisonous if tests are normal

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