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Restorative Medicine Focus

Elsewhere on this web site we discussed how health problems have varying degrees of severity. There is obviously a continuum in the severity of illness. Some are so mild that the body can recover on its own, while others are so severe that they can result in death.

In a sense, the various degrees of health problems are the focus of different industries.

This Degree of Illness Is the Focus of
1st: The body can correct the problems on its own under the present circumstances. Motivational Speakers
2nd: The body can correct the problems on its own under improved circumstances (such as diet, exercise, and rest). Diet and Fitness Experts
3rd: The body cannot correct the problems on its own, but they can be corrected with restorative medical treatment since there is little, if any, permanent damage. Restorative Medicine
4th: The body cannot fully recover because there is permanent damage of part(s) of the body (requiring treatment for life). Our Conventional Medical System
5th: The body cannot survive because of death or impairment of part(s) of the body. Funeral Home


The 3rd degree of chronic health problems above has not been the focus of our current medical system.

Of course, there is some overlap when it comes to acute problems. For example, conventional surgery and antibiotics are often used to help restore the health of a person with appendicitis. But when it comes to chronic health problems, our current medical system often takes the position of either,

  • “Your tests are fine therefore you just need to diet or exercise more.” Or,
  • “Your tests indicate that there is something wrong with you that will likely require treatment for life.”

Our current medical system tends to overlook the possibility that people may be suffering from chronic health problems that might be entirely reversible with the right treatment.

The 3rd degree of illness can be thought of as “Reversible Chronic Illness.” Reversible Chronic Illness is the focus of Restorative Medicine.

There are a lot of chronic symptoms that can often be corrected with Restorative Medicine.