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Why Is Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome So Prevalent Now?

Why Is Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome So Prevalent Now?

How can Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome be so common? This is not a new condition, although it does seem to be on the rise. It may be argued that we live in one of the most stressful periods of time in history. With the advent of the telephone and the airplane and the computer, the world is becoming a smaller and smaller place. There is a great deal of political unrest, and many struggling national economies. There is more and more pervasive drug abuse, pornography, child abuse, dysfunctional families, divorce, crime, moral decay, and other significant problems. Though the world may be a wonderful place in which to live, not many would argue against these being challenging times.

Medical advances may be contributing. When in medical school studying genetics and also studying the vast explosion of medical knowledge and expertise that has taken place within the last 80 years, I marveled how so many people’s lives have been changed and saved by the progress of medical science. With the advent of antibiotics many people that would have died from pneumonia, appendicitis, and even severe ear infections were saved by the elimination of the infection through antibiotic treatment. Babies that were born prematurely were able to be saved through the use of respirator machines, IV fluids, the development of special nutritional formulas, etc. Younger and younger premature babies were able to survive because of these advances in neonatology technology. Great advances have been made in the surgical field. New approaches and techniques have been developed, especially for critically ill patients and trauma victims such as those people injured in severe car accidents. These advances have also kept many more people alive who would have otherwise died. In addition, great advances have been made in pediatric medicine enabling doctors to save the lives of more and more critically ill children. Advances have also been made in the field of oncology, with treatment being able to extend life and even to cure the cancer in more and more people.

I wondered something while I was learning about these advances in medical technology. We are all different. And our physical differences sometimes manifest themselves in how we develop and respond to illness and injuries. Some of us are more likely to develop cancer, asthma, or to be overwhelmed by infection; while some of us are more likely to survive a premature birth, heart attack, or severe car accident. But if medical technology became able to alter how some people develop and respond to certain illnesses and injuries, would their physical differences then manifest themselves in how they develop and respond to other diseases and injuries? If the percentage of people dying from a certain cause decreases because of some advancement, then the percentage that die from another must increase, since we all have to die of something.

People who slip into conservation mode more easily than others, are more likely to be able to survive famine. Unfortunately, people who are more likely to slip into conservation mode are also more likely to stay in that mode inappropriately. This makes them more susceptible to infections, poor wound healing, poor recovery from injuries, and probably poor immune system function. I believe that over the centuries famines have left the population with a greater percentage of people who can slip more easily into conservative mode. However, this has been counterbalanced by the whittling down of this percentage due to decreased recovery from severe infections, illnesses and injuries. On the other hand, advancements in medical technology over the past couple of generations, have greatly increased this percentage’s chances for surviving such health problems. This has made it possible for a greater percentage of people, who tend to slip inappropriately into conservative mode, to survive. More and more of them are living long enough to experience the persistent and debilitating symptoms of MED caused by abnormal body temperature patterns caused by Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome. They are also living long enough to pass their predisposition for Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome to their children. With more of such people being born, more surviving, and with increasing stress in the world, more and more people will suffer from Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome.