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If left untreated, Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome can

  1. Sometimes correct itself over a period of months to years
  2. Often persist indefinitely and worsen, especially at times of severe stress

Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome is often a result of people becoming physically and/or emotionally overwhelmed. Such stress can cause the body temperature to drop and symptoms to develop. The problem can be so severe that the body cannot recover a normal temperature on its own, so the symptoms can persist.

Improving the Current Conditions

The first thing patients with Wilsons Temperature Syndrome can try is changing their current conditions. Anything that can enhance patients’ physical or emotional well-being has a chance of turning their Wilsons Temperature Syndrome around.

Here are a few examples,

  • Eliminate as much physical, and emotional stress as possible
  • Short bursts of high-intensity cardiovascular exercise for a few minutes every day
  • Also, some resistance training (yoga, isometric, or weights) for a few minutes every day
  • try to sweat out toxins by sweating profusely 3 times a week (up to an hour at a time)
  • 3 healthy meals (as organic as possible) with no snacking in between (it’s good to balance the amount of time spent in the fed and non-fed states)
  • Avoid processed foods and added sugar
  • Get plenty of rest

If That Doesn’t Help

More severe cases of Wilson’s Syndrome may require the WT3 protocol by prescription to bring the temperature up and correct the symptoms. Getting the body temperature up is the one thing that has an excellent chance of helping almost all bodily functions. The body temperature is the one factor that can affect virtually every chemical reaction in the body. Currently, the most reliable way to reset the body temperature is with the Wilson’s T3 protocol.

You can find out more about the WT3 protocol by clicking here.