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Compounding Pharmacies for Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome

Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome can be treated by replacing some or all of the T4 in a person’s body with T3 for a time. T3 is a strong prescription thyroid medicine that is usually better tolerated when it’s made with a sustained-release agent.

What are compounding pharmacies?

Pharmacies that make prescription medicines as well as sell those that are made by pharmaceutical companies are called compounding pharmacies. They can make (compound) T3 with a sustained-release agent.

What to look for in a compounding pharmacy

T3 therapy can involve close management of your dosage levels so it can be handy to have a pharmacy near you to reduce shipping times. You can let your doctor know about pharmacies near you.

It’s important for compounded T3 to be mixed thoroughly: V blenders and acoustic mixers work well

If you know of a great compounding pharmacy not listed here, please let us know.

How to use the map

You can zoom in and out on the map below and click on the pins to find pharmacists near you.

Note: We do not endorse or guarantee the credentials, skill, or outcomes of the listed pharmacies. We do not verify the contact information, credentials, or services of the providers. We are not liable for any substandard care that might be received and cannot promise a positive outcome. Always be sure to contact the pharmacy in advance and ask relevant questions to determine if they are an appropriate provider for you.