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The Story Of Anna

The Story Of Anna

Anna’s problems began after she had undergone several surgeries. She never felt well, and on occasion could not even get out of bed. She suffered from severe premenstrual syndrome, migraines, depression, easy weight gain, itchiness, fatigue, and panic attacks that kept her from driving in heavy traffic.

Over a period of time, she went to more than 10 doctors in search of an explanation for her condition, which worsened after each operation (the last being a hysterectomy). She was referred to a teaching hospital for comprehensive evaluation (by internist, infectious disease, OB/GYN, gastroenterologist, dermatologist, and ENT).

In Anna’s words, “It was so frustrating since I’ve always been health conscious and was even a weight-training instructor. I ate all the right foods, and did all the right exercise (working out at least three times a week), and I still wasn’t feeling any better, so I knew something was wrong.”

Fortunately, after being diagnosed as a typical Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome sufferer, she was able to experience relief almost immediately with treatment.

Anna’s reaction was typical. She says, “I was astounded to see that the answer could be so simple. With treatment, it felt like someone had flipped a switch. I was so happy to feel good again.”

Anna’s experience could be multiplied by thousands who have seen their lives transformed.