Hypoglycemia is the condition of having low blood sugar. Symptoms of low blood sugar include shakiness, headaches, breaking out in a sweat, and possibly even lightheadedness or anxiousness when going too long without eating. Interestingly, these symptoms are also similar to those associated with low blood pressure. They can be resolved by eating less simple sugars and more proteins in an attempt to maintain more constant blood sugar levels. That these inappropriate symptoms are sometimes only controlled when the hypoglycemic diet is adhered to closely, supports the idea that the hypoglycemic diet often addresses the symptoms and not the problem. If the diet addressed the problem, then one would expect the inappropriate symptoms to remain improved even after more normal dietary patterns were resumed. One would expect that the patient would be able to be free of hypoglycemic symptoms similar to the way other people are free of these symptoms under similar conditions. Hypoglycemic symptoms have been seen to resolve even persistently through proper administration weaning of T3 therapy.