Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the numbness and tingling experienced in the hands, fingers, occasionally with shooting pains up the arm that result from the impingement of nerves that pass through a narrow tunnel at the base of the hand. The numbness and tingling frequently follow the distribution of the nerves that pass through the tunnel. It can involve the pinky and ring finger as well as the pinky side of the hand; or it can affect the thumb, index and middle finger.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is frequently seen in people who have a job that requires constant repetition of certain hand movements, but CTS has also been long associated with DTSF. As mentioned previously, the tissue swelling that results from fluid retention caused by DTSF can cause pinched nerve syndromes, especially in areas where the swelling occurs at a site where there is only a limited amount of space. When tissue swelling occurs within the closed spaced of the Carpal Tunnel, then the nerves that pass through the tunnel can become pinched resulting in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.