Even though these are cosmetic issues, they deserve to be mentioned because of the impact that they can have on a patient’s life, financially and emotionally. Many, many of the female patients that I treat for Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome have artificial nails because of the splitting, breaking, peeling, and lack of growth of their own nails. Patients will often wear wigs or toupees due to hair loss. Patients may sometimes require a repeat perm after their permanent falls out within two weeks, when their permanents usually stay in for months (before Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome). Sometimes the perm may not take at all. This problem is often corrected with proper thyroid hormone treatment. Interestingly, the dry and brittle hair problem that is frequently associated with Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome sometimes begins to clear up in a manner of days, even two to fourteen days. Since the hair certainly has not had time to grow out completely within a period of two weeks, it appears that the condition and quality of the hair must have something to do with the oils that are secreted from the scalp. Frequently, with proper thyroid hormone treatment the change in the hair can often be dramatic and noticeable leaving it more manageable even within a period of two weeks. Some of the changes come over time as the hair grows out but it is interesting that some of the hair complaints improve in such a short period of time. (See PIGMENTATION, SKIN AND HAIR, CHANGES in Chapter 9).