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Where does belly fat come from?

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Call it a spare tire, a pooch, or even a beer belly; despite the cute names, it’s still frustrating. Abdominal fat is associated with aging-related shifts in fat deposition, drops in sex hormone levels, and especially with chronic stress.

Here’s how it works: high blood levels of the main stress hormone, cortisol, change the way your body handles fat. Belly fat cells have more cortisol receptors on their surface than fat cells in other places in the body. They are primed to take in fat when cortisol levels are elevated. If you combine that with high insulin levels from too much

Doing Everything Right and Still Not Losing weight? Check your Body Temperature

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Losing those first few pounds might not be so hard, but too many people quickly find that their weight loss slows or stops, even as they continue to do the very things that helped them lose initially. What’s going on? Chances are their metabolism has slowed down.

Dieting is one of the big reasons people’s metabolisms slows. Extreme dieting is well-known for this, but recent research also shows that even modest weight loss (5-10 % of body weight over the course of a year) can slow metabolism. That makes it harder to continue to lose weight, and sets you up

Send your body signals to speed up your metabolism

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Today we're going to discuss ways to send your body signals to speed up through exercise. The premise behind Wilson's Temperature Syndrome is that under conditions of stress and starvation the metabolism will slow down as a coping mechanism. This helps people survive famine and other stressful circumstances of deprivation. But it also prevents them from being as productive as they could be. On the other hand, in times of plenty, the body needs to speed up to normal in order to be able to work, protect, and provide successfully for itself.

Time to lose some weight

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When people are losing weight they often have a sense of discomfort known as hunger. Hunger isn't always a pleasant feeling but it can be more pleasant when we consider what it means. It means we are losing weight. Let it serve as a constant reminder that you are cheerfully accomplishing your goal. We can almost be sure that if we aren't hungry we aren't losing weight. We can embrace hunger as a welcome sign that we are losing weight.