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Great New Book About Multiple Sclerosis

There’s No Pill For This: A Naturopathic Physician’s Personal Prescription for Managing Multiple Sclerosis was written by Michaël Friedman, ND.  He is an expert on the use of herbal medicine for supporting thyroid and adrenal health and is the founder of the Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine.  He also has multiple sclerosis (MS) and has written down many wonderful insights for the management of MS.  Dr. Friedman has written this book not only from the perspective of an expert in natural healing but also from the perspective of a patient.  If you or someone you know needs

New Additions to our List of Treating Practitioners

We regularly add new practitioners to our List of Treating Practitioners (which you can search by your zip code).  They are ready to assist you with your health goals.

We recently added these three physicians:

  • Shirley Mirpuri, ND in Singapore
  • Miriam Mikicki, MD in London
  • Kristi Wrightson Harter, ND in Santa Barbara, California

Click here if you’d like to find a practitioner near you.

Lose Body Fat By NOT Going Hungry

“Eat less, exercise more” is perhaps the most common advice doctors give for losing excess body fat. Despite this advice, the average body mass index for adults in the US has reached 30, which is the definition of obesity.  In other words, it is now typical for US adults to be obese. Obesity increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and dementia.  So, what can we do to turn this around?

When we eat a meal, we enter the fed state. When the energy from that meal runs out, we start to get hungry and enter the non-fed

There is no Faster and Easier Way to Get Fit than Fastercise

There is no Faster and Easier Way to Get Fit than Fastercise 
That’s a bold statement, but I believe it’s true. I  know you’re busy this time of year, so I’ll get right to the point.  If you are looking to lose extra pounds of body fat you may have gained over the holidays, or even get into the best shape of your life, I’m sure you will be delighted by the results my new fitness approach delivers. I call it Fastercise, and this program delivers results without you having to go hungry or even going to the gym. As you may

The Thyroid- Stress Connection

Stress- related health concerns are the most common reasons patients visit their doctors. Experienced physicians understand that stress is at the root cause of some of the most prevalent health concerns. For many people, stress is chronic and long term, which can really take a toll on a person’s health and psychological wellbeing. To better understand the role of stress in disease, researchers conducted an animal study in 2018 to explore how stress can lead to thyroid dysfunction specifically, both directly and indirectly.

Hypothyroidism can be caused by a variety of factors, such as autoimmune disorders, nutrient deficiencies, or environmental toxin

Examining the Role of Growth Hormone as Related to Weight Loss

What is Growth Hormone?

Growth hormone (GH) is made by the pituitary gland and is controlled in the bloodstream by various other hormones, many of which are produced in other parts of the brain, the GI and the pancreas. GH levels increase after exercise, after trauma, and even while we sleep. Levels vary throughout the day, so testing GH isn’t very useful because the pattern can be random, except in the evening, when levels are typically elevated.

As its name implies, growth hormone contributes to bone and muscle growth by increasing protein production. In fact, growth hormone deficiency, a rare condition occurring

Increasing Fat Oxidation in Athletes with Keto?

Ketogenic diets are a popular trend for people seeking both health benefits and weight loss. A “keto diet” is high in fat and low in carbohydrates and sugar, which increases the body’s dependence on “ketones” from fat and decreases its dependence on carbohydrates. Ketogenic diets have been used medically to treat epilepsy and some types of cancer, but the concept is now becoming popular in the mainstream to be used for other purposes, including to enhance athletic performance. Diet trends are known to evolve over time, and before the keto trend, high carbohydrate diets were preferred for optimal athletic efficiency.


  • Blood sugar control

Do thyroid disorders cause insulin resistance?

Insulin resistance is defined as a decreased sensitivity of tissues to glucose delivery by insulin. Insulin acts on receptors of cells, including muscles, fat cells, liver cells, and other tissues, all of which rely on glucose for energy. When they are less sensitive, glucose remains in the blood instead of going into tissues, resulting in elevated blood sugar levels. Insulin resistance may be asymptomatic in the early stages but later can become type 2 diabetes, elevated cholesterol, obesity, and even hypertension.

Insulin resistance and hypothyroid

In a review paper, authors found that dysregulation of thyroid hormones can trigger insulin disturbances. One of

Another Reason to Identify and Treat Thyroid Dysfunction

Subclinical hypothyroidism is defined as having a high TSH (the test which indicates low thyroid levels), accompanied by a normal thyroid hormone. Many consider it to signify the early stage of thyroid dysfunction, although it’s not widely accepted by conventional medicine. Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome (WTS) has similarities to subclinical hypothyroidism, but uses low body temperature as the primary sign; like WTS, there is controversy about using thyroid hormone to treat subclinical hypothyroidism.

It is important to identify cases of subclinical hypothyroidism, as it has been associated with a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease. A recent paper reviewed many studies which

Is There a Secret to Weight Loss?

Weight loss is a significant problem in the US, as one third of Americans are overweight and one third are considered obese, based on current guidelines related to BMI. Of course this epidemic isn’t just limited to the US; it has become a worldwide trend which has been costly to healthcare systems. So far, there are no magic pills for weight loss and the problem increases every decade.

Weight loss is never easy, but for some people it is extra challenging. We all know people who seem to struggle with their weight more than most, despite seeming to be doing everything right. For these people,

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