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Balancing stress, cholesterol and thyroid

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High cholesterol is one of the many common co- symptoms that occurs with hypothyroidism. Elevated cholesterol can lead to atherosclerosis or “clogged arteries”, putting a person at risk for coronary artery disease, stroke and heart attack. Statin drugs are commonly prescribed to reduce cholesterol levels, but they come with risk for other side effects, such as muscle pain, liver damage, or neurological effects. So it makes sense to consider alternative, natural approaches to help maintain normal cholesterol levels.

A recent small study was conducted in India, where hypothyroidism is quite prevalent, to determine if a consistent yoga program could help address

Send your body signals to speed up your metabolism

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Today we're going to discuss ways to send your body signals to speed up through exercise. The premise behind Wilson's Temperature Syndrome is that under conditions of stress and starvation the metabolism will slow down as a coping mechanism. This helps people survive famine and other stressful circumstances of deprivation. But it also prevents them from being as productive as they could be. On the other hand, in times of plenty, the body needs to speed up to normal in order to be able to work, protect, and provide successfully for itself.