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The treatment of Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome with T3 is now standard of care medicine.

A Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome (WTS) staff physician is available by appointment to answer any specific questions about the WT3 protocol. This service is available to health care practitioners only who can call 800-420-5801 to make an appointment.

Treating WTS is a very simple and rewarding way to help a lot of people recover.  Because of positive word-of-mouth, it’s also an easy way to build your practice in a very rewarding area of medicine.  Dr. Wilson has recorded a series of 8 tutorial videos that add up to a total of about 30 minutes that can quickly give you an understanding of the protocol.  Also, here is a companion sheet to those videos called  Simplified T3 Protocol for WTS. It is a one-page instruction sheet along with a symptom checklist.  You can order the T3 for your patients from a trusted pharmacy like Wellness Pharmacy.

Many Doctors find our Patient books to be very helpful in introducing and orienting patients to Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome. And the Doctor’s Manuals are also great for helping patients to really understand their treatment (cutting down on questions and misunderstandings, while increasing results due to improved compliance). Both are available at a volume discount in case you’d like to have them available at your office. Here’s another Patient Orientation Sheet, if you prefer more detail.

Also, patients are always asking us if we know of doctors in their areas that would be willing to treat them for Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome. Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome is a lot of fun to treat because of how much difference it can make in the lives of patients, families, and their careers. Making a big difference in the lives of extremely appreciative patients is probably what doctors like best about being doctors. But that may not happen as often as most doctors would like. That’s what’s so fun about treating Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome.

Low thyroid problems (like primary and secondary hypothyroidism) are famous for causing devastating symptoms (like myxedema) and responding dramatically well to proper thyroid treatment, and Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome is no exception. Few things can make people sicker and respond more dramatically to treatment like low thyroid problems such as Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome.

On top of that, unlike every other known low thyroid problem, Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome is reversible! There are a lot of patients that would be eternally grateful to you for treating them for Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome, and eliminating their symptoms when so many other doctors haven’t, couldn’t, or wouldn’t.

The best part of the practice of medicine is effecting a persistent cure in patients suffering from debilitating chronic ailments. And that’s easier, more often possible, and more dramatic in the treatment of Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome than any other condition we can think of.

It’s just a little bit of the right kind of thyroid medicine given in the right way, to see what happens. There’s nothing like doing it to see it, and seeing is believing. Wouldn’t it be interesting to just try it in a few patients to see if it works the way Dr. Wilson and others say it does? If you sign up as a treating physician you’ll have plenty of patients to work with that are anxious to “try and see,” as well. But we presume every treating physician would agree that you should read the Doctor’s Manual completely first.

Best Regards and Many Thanks!

“Doctors and patients shouldn’t even try to do T3 therapy without having first read the Doctor’s Manual.”
-Dr. Timothy J. Smith, MD
Berkeley, CA