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Guidelines For Signing Up As A Treating Physician

Dear Physician,

The treatment of Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome with T3 is now standard of care medicine.

You can click here to sign up as a treating physician.

Every day many new people come to this website and get very hopeful about the prospects of feeling better. They often become very anxious to know of doctors near them that use herbs and nutrients to support good health or that treat Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome with the WT3 protocol.

We have been helping patients get in contact with treating physicians for the past 24 years. For some of the doctors on our list of treating physicians, the treatment of Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome has become the major focus of their practices. There are currently over 100 doctors, physician’s assistants, and nurse practitioners on our list of treating practitioners, mostly in the United States but some overseas.

The symptoms of Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome are numerous and varied and can be caused by a variety of health problems (though Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome is probably the most common and easily treated) and can be approached in a variety of ways. However, this website is dedicated to connecting those patients that are anxious to try WT3 therapy with those doctors that are enthusiastic about providing the WT3 protocol.

The WT3 protocol is certainly not indicated in all patients, but visitors to our website are very appreciative to learn of doctors that look for opportunities to use the WT3 protocol as opposed to avoiding it.

The online Physician List is open to doctors who have attended at least one Restorative Medicine Conference which take place annually in the fall.

Treating physicians also agree with the following WTS Tenets :

  1. I have read the Doctor’s Manual for Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome (WTS).
  2. I diagnose Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome based on low body temperature and symptoms – not on blood tests (including levels of T3 or RT3).
  3. My intent is to normalize body temperatures and reverse symptoms with the hope of the temperature and symptoms remaining improved even after the modalities I use have been discontinued.
  4. I optimize body temperatures through the use of lifestyle, nutrition, dietary supplements and/ or thyroid hormone.
  5. When I use thyroid hormone for optimizing body temperatures in patients with normal blood tests I’m inclined to use sustained-release T3 (according to the WT3 protocol) primarily as opposed to T4-containing medicines (like Synthroid or Armour).
  6. I am aware of contraindications of the WT3 protocol.

Remember, we are happy to provide free technical support to doctors and to discuss your cases. You can call us at 800-420-5801 and give us a good time and number to call.