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Could Holiday Stress Impact Your Health?

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Life gets complicated around the holidays; we tend to overbook our social schedules to squeeze in as many events as possible. Although it is intended to be fun, sometimes there is an underlying pressure to create the perfect holiday ambiance, which can cause more stress than enjoyment. sb10067060j-001

Stress can upset your thyroid gland in complicated and profound ways. New research shows that the effects of stress on your thyroid can be long-lasting and hinder your resilience (your ability to recover from trauma).

One study found that women who had experienced

When Antidepressants Don’t Work

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If you’ve been taking an antidepressant for six weeks or more and don’t feel like you are getting much better, there’s an important link with thyroid function you should know about. A surprisingly high percentage of people with chronic or treatment-resistant depression are found to have low thyroid function, research shows. In one study, 22 % of people with treatment-resistant depression were found to have sub-par thyroid function (based on TSH levels), compared to only 2 % of people whose depression was helped by antidepressants.

I believe an even higher number of people with depression have another kind of thyroid problem