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Could Holiday Stress Impact Your Health?

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Life gets complicated around the holidays; we tend to overbook our social schedules to squeeze in as many events as possible. Although it is intended to be fun, sometimes there is an underlying pressure to create the perfect holiday ambiance, which can cause more stress than enjoyment. sb10067060j-001

Stress can upset your thyroid gland in complicated and profound ways. New research shows that the effects of stress on your thyroid can be long-lasting and hinder your resilience (your ability to recover from trauma).

One study found that women who had experienced

Bones and Your Thyroid

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Thyroid hormones are essential for normal bone strength. Bones aren’t static, like rocks. Throughout our lives, the cells in bones break down and regrow, a process known as remodeling. A proper balance of breaking down and rebuilding bone tissue is needed for bones to stay strong during our lifetimes.  As we age, bone tends to break down more quickly and rebuild more slowly. For women, the first 5-10 years after menopause are a period of accelerated bone breakdown. It’s especially important to try to minimize bone breakdown during this time to maximize healthy bones for a long time.

Thyroid hormones affect

I’m feeling energetic and motivated

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Dear Dr. Wilson, Many thanks for your research and persistence in determining an underlying cause of low body temperature. I have been running subnormal temps for the past twenty-one years and none of my physicians seemed to be terribly concerned. During these years, I had long suspected that my fatigue (never felt rested), slow but steady weight gain(despite various diets), and feeling of being “chilled to the bone” especially in the evening had something to do with my temperature running between 95.4 to 96.7 degrees on a regular basis. Unless I used an electric blanket or insisted that my husband

What Thyroid Blood Tests Mean

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A lot of really smart people have done a great deal of scientific research on thyroid blood tests. And there are lots of scientific things that can be said about thyroid tests and how the values can change in various situations. Unfortunately, despite all that science and knowledge people can still feel really poorly even when the thyroid tests provide no clear direction on how to help them recover.