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Nicotinamide riboside for your aging mitochondria

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If scientists could wave their magic wands to create a miraculous pill that everyone would want to take, they would probably choose to create one that slowed or stopped the aging process. After all, who wouldn’t want stall the effects of aging, such as wrinkles, hormone decline, grey hair and general aches and pains?

Chances are this magic pill will never materialize, because the aging process is multifactorial and no single ingredient could fix every factor that causes aging. But we can slow the process somewhat by focusing on some specifics factors that we know contribute. For example, mitochondria,

Who Gets Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome?

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Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome is the cluster of often debilitating symptoms especially brought on by physical or emotional stress that can persist even after the stress has passed (due to maladaptive slowing of the metabolism). It usually responds characteristically to the normalization of body temperature patterns (especially through the use of a special T3 therapy protocol and/or certain natural medicines). It is characterized by a body temperature that runs, on average, below normal, but routine thyroid blood tests are often in the “normal” range.

Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome is especially brought on by stresses such as: childbirth (#1 cause), divorce, death