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Samantha’s Comments 3

“Every day I feel as if I am getting stronger and feeling better” – Samantha

Issues covered in the account below:

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Fear

I was scared … I had OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) to make matters even more frightening. I was deathly afraid of trying anything new, especially new medicines. I knew that if I wanted to become well again, I had to face my fears head on. I trusted my doctor.

I only had to do one cycle of T3 therapy. In the first couple of days, I was very apprehensive. Every ache, pain or twinge that I felt, my mind raced with fear. I was afraid that the protocol was the cause. It wasn’t. It was my fear and anxiety getting the better of me.
Once I realized this, I calmed down and took one day at a time. I had a good overall experience. I cycled up to 45mcg and cycled back down. That was almost ten weeks ago. Every day I feel as if I am getting stronger and feeling better.

Imagine the good health that I would have passed up had I let my fears stop me from trying the protocol. I am not saying that everything will be easy. Most things in life are not easy. Those things that are truly worth it are worth the effort…

Good Luck and Best Wishes

About the Author:

Denis Wilson, MD described Wilson 's Temperature Syndrome in 1988 after observing people with symptoms of low thyroid and low body temperature, yet who had normal blood tests. He found that by normalizing their temperatures with T3 (without T4) their symptoms often remained improved even after the treatment was discontinued. He was the first doctor to use sustained-release T3.

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