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Nikki’s Comments

“It works. I am proof of that. The most important advice I can give…you MUST READ the manual and follow it to the LETTER.” – Nikki

Issues covered in the account below:

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety / Panic attacks
  • Low concentration
  • Low memory
  • Reading the Doctor’s Manual
  • Weight loss
  • Headaches
  • Foggy head
  • Blurred vision
  • Depression
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Working with Doctors

Dear Dr. Wilson, Jean and Everyone,

… It WORKS. I am proof of that. I have now been off the medicine since the end of August and feeling wonderful. Everyday is very exciting and I can hardly wait to get up and get busy. My energy level is amazing.

My story is like everyone else. I had all symptoms except maybe 9 that are on the list and now I don’t have any of them. I believe that I have suffered from Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome most of my life to some degree and it just continued to get worse. My temp averaged 92 and 94 most of the time. I thought that was normal. All doctors said it was for women. I will try to condense this as much as I can. I continued to get so sick that I couldn’t function. Overwhelming anxiety/panic attacks, debilitating fatigue, loss of concentration and memory, blurred vision, headaches, foggy head, uncontrollable crying and the list goes on. I was having tests coming back that my immune system was not functioning properly.

I had been going to my internist for about a year and had made changes in my life and was eating better, taking supplements and thyroid medicine, and I would get short term results. We would up and add more supplements but each time the results would be shorter lived and symptoms would worsen. Finally in Aug 97 I sold my business to my partner and dedicated the next year to getting well. The first few months I hide in my house except to make the rounds to Doctors trying to find out what was wrong with me. I was so afraid to leave my house or drive my car. I just knew there was some kind of doom going to strike anytime. I began to think I was dying and had every test you can imagine. I had given up my business, was staying home and I wasn’t getting any better, in fact I was getting worse and Doctors were at their wits ends.

So I set about getting my life and affairs in order so my husband and family wouldn’t have to take care of things later. I was that way for several months when my best friend came to visit and pointed out that she was not going to continue to see me slowly dying because I believed in my mind I was. It was like a light went on and I thought, “She is right, I will die if I believe I am, and I will get healthy if I believe I can.” BUT whatever the outcome I am going to live my life differently. So I started on my journey of changing my attitude and set about rediscovering myself, my husband and family, and I found my inner soul and spirit. I am building memories for myself and family and finding my purpose in life.

Well, in March I discovered the Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome and ran, not walked, to my Dr with all the info and materials and said this is me, and 3 days later we started on our journey of T3 therapy together. We have learned together and made some mistakes but worked it out. I am well today after years of misery and Doctors who didn’t care and wouldn’t listen to me when I was telling them something is not right. Now because of my doctor being open to new ideas and us working together I have found the woman who has been hidden away.

The Most important advice I can give to anyone out there is, you MUST READ the manual and follow it to the LETTER. I screwed up on my first cycle with times, and my temp went up and down and I was miserable, so I decided that on the second cycle I was going to do it right. So I did, and low and behold, it worked. Within 3 days my temp was captured and I stayed on the dosage from April thru the middle of Aug. All my symptoms slowly disappeared by the 2nd and 3rd week.. I even lost weight (now have lost 25 pounds) since Aug and I am not really trying. My body is just working properly now. YIPPIE.

When I went to see my doctor in late Sept I had weaned off medicine and hadn’t seen her much during the summer she had been on vacation . She was amazed when she walked in and saw me. She couldn’t believe the person sitting there. She said my skin color was glowing and peachy, and my eyes sparkled and I had shorts and a T-shirt on. No sweats and wasn’t freezing when it was 85 outside. She is now treating several of her other patients, and she is a true believer in the T3 treatment.

I am feeling so wonderful that I have gone out and gotten a new job that I start next week (something different than what I had done before) Internet research work and very excited about it. I feel that I am a new person. This last year has been one of many ups and downs and lessons to learn. I feel there is a purpose and a gift in all this for me to share with others. So if I can help anyone out there please feel free to e-mail me and I will try to answer your questions. …

Thank You Doctor Wilson for all you have done.

Peace, Health and Dragonfly Kisses to All,


About the Author:

Denis Wilson, MD described Wilson 's Temperature Syndrome in 1988 after observing people with symptoms of low thyroid and low body temperature, yet who had normal blood tests. He found that by normalizing their temperatures with T3 (without T4) their symptoms often remained improved even after the treatment was discontinued. He was the first doctor to use sustained-release T3.


  1. jack cropp April 18, 2016 at 12:58 pm - Reply

    my thyroid tests are all normal and I’ve every one of them. my temperature runs about 96.8 and I have many symptoms of low thyroid. coldness, bright lights, pitted tongue, etc.
    no doctor wants to treat me because of my tests. what to do?

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