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The Significance of Thyroid Nodules

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A thyroid nodule is an abnormal growth of thyroid cells that create a small lump in the thyroid gland. Oftentimes they go unnoticed, especially if they are small. Nodules are very common, in fact about half of the adults over 60 have them. Most are non-cancerous, but less than 10% contain cancerous cells and need to be removed. Rarely, nodules can increase production of thyroid hormone, in which case they have the potential to contribute to hyperthyroidism.

Nodules are often associated with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (the most common cause of hypothyroidism). Nodules are believed to be caused by

Migraines? PMS? Anxiety? You can fix them.

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Migraines, PMS and anxiety share a common link. All three of these conditions are more common in women with low thyroid function. These conditions often resolve when body temperature is normalized and proper metabolism is restored.

The purpose of the thyroid system is to set the metabolic rate or body temperature. New research shows that even a slightly underactive thyroid gland, or low metabolic rate, causes endothelial dysfunction. That is, it interferes with the function of cells lining blood vessels. These cells respond to hormonal cues that help blood vessels relax and contract; therefore, they are