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Inflammation Underlies Hypothyroidism and Diabetes

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I’ve been talking about inflammation and the thyroid over the past few blogs, and this week I’d like to talk about a study related to another inflammatory/ autoimmune condition- diabetes. It seems there is significant evidence that links the development of diabetes to poor thyroid function.

You already know that thyroid hormone regulates metabolism, and a few months ago, I wrote about how it also controls insulin and can impact blood sugar level. These thyroid actions are the reasons why several research studies in the past have suggested that being hypothyroid can increase the risk of

Guggul is an herb that supports thyroid health

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Guggul Myrrh is an herb that benefits the thyroid and the body in many ways.  Its scientific name is Commiphora myrrha and is the same plant which produces the myrrh mentioned in the bible. Resin from the Guggul plant has been used medicinally since at least 600 BCE.  That’s over 2600 years of accumulated clinical experience!

It has been used in a variety of medical traditions to treat obesity, arthritis and muscular disorders, heart conditions, tumors, liver disorders and thyroid disorders, among others. Modern studies have indicated that certain components of guggul resin—the