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The ancient herb that aids older brains

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Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is an Ayurvedic herb with a centuries-long tradition of use in India. It’s known for its restorative benefits to the immune system, thyroid and adrenal glands. This ancient herb is likewise beneficial for many modern-day problems, including stress, fatigue, and poor concentration. It’s a calming agent which also improves thinking and memory. Over 200 studies have confirmed its benefits, including counteracting the damaging effects of stress on the brain and cognitive function.

Ashwagandha is categorized as an adaptogenic herb because it gently supports many body functions and offers balance, rather than having one specific action. Adaptogenic

Safety-focused fire retardants cause damage to adrenals

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Many of us have the overwhelming sense that we are exposed to a lot of chemicals in our daily lives, and that it’s probably damaging our health in some way. But when it comes to the specifics of where the chemicals come from and how they cause damage, it may be unclear.

One category of chemicals that are clearly a problem are organohalogen fire retardants. These ubiquitous chemicals were formulated for the purpose of improving fire safety in furniture, building materials, electronics, toys and children’s clothing as a means of slowing the rate at which a fire can take

Optimize Thyroid – Adrenal Cross-talk

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Last week we talked about how chronic stress and cortisol wears out the adrenals, and how tired adrenals affect thyroid function. But there’s actually more to the story. Did you know that not only is thyroid hormone activity regulated in part by stress hormone activity, but the reverse is also true. The two hormonal systems interact throughout your body, in different tissues. Thyroid hormone sets a kind of “baseline” activity level and stress hormones, secreted from your adrenal glands, speed it up or slow it down.

The interaction is complicated and affects body heat, blood flow, heart rate, blood