Doctors often think “thyroid” when patients complain of fatigue because of the long known relationship between thyroid and fatigue. They also tend to think “thyroid blood tests,” but patients can suffer from low body temperatures and debilitating fatigue even when their thyroid tests are normal.

The thyroid system is supposed to maintain normal body temperatures. Low body temperatures can cause tremendous fatigue!

One major problem, however, is that the body temperature is probably the most important reading doctors rarely check!

Frequently, problems with thyroid and fatigue leave people feeling tired all day with difficulty sleeping at night. Their fatigue is often better when their temperatures are higher (perhaps in the late morning) and worse when their temperatures are lower (perhaps in the late afternoon). Some people with fatigue due to low body temperatures can force themselves to work hard on a project for a day or two, only to “crash and burn” for days afterward. Still others have such severe fatigue they can barely function, if at all.

Often, when thyroid blood tests are normal, patients are told:

  • they’re fine
  • they are imagining their fatigue
  • that they’ll just need to learn to live with getting older
  • or perhaps that they should try an antidepressant.

However, for many, the fatigue is so severe they know something’s wrong.

They know there’s got to be an answer and that it’s just a matter of finding it. For thousands and thousands of people that simple answer has been restoring their low body temperature to normal.

Success Story:

I feel like a miracle has come to me. I am now on my third month of T3 therapy and feeling so good. I have suffered extreme fatigue and low body temps for the past 20 months. I gained 20 pounds in a very short time and could hardly function at all for about 5 days out of 7. Now that I have been taking the T3 I have noticed such a huge difference, words alone could not express. I used to have days when my body temp average was 97 degrees and now I am up there at 98.4 and feeling on top of the world. … I have my life back again. I can now function as a normal person again, which is wonderful. I used to be so fatigued that I hardly had the energy to talk, and now I go around singing all the time. I feel so wonderful, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
Rae, Tucson, Arizona

When the body temperature is normalized, dozens and dozens of seemingly unrelated symptoms often disappear. What’s really exciting is that the symptoms often remain improved even after the treatment has been discontinued.

Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome is a persistent but reversible drop in body temperature often brought on by stress, injury, or emotional trauma.

When people undergo stress, their bodies can slow down to help them cope with the stress. When their bodies slow down, their body temperatures drop. Unfortunately, most of the chemical reactions that take place in the body are catalyzed by enzymes that depend on normal temperatures for optimal function. That’s why a low temperature can cause so many different symptoms, and why normalizing a low temperature can clear up so many different symptoms.

When the stress has passed the average body temperature usually normalizes and the symptoms resolve. Sometimes, though, the temperature remains low and the symptoms persist, often worsening in stages after each successive stress.

It is more common in women and in people whose ancestors survived famine such as Irish, American Indian, Scot, Welsh.

The social and emotional effects of this condition can be devastating. People often feel as though they are at the end of their ropes, completely overwhelmed by even the smallest things, and living with a condition that is essentially invisible to others, even their spouses and doctors. Fatigue due to low temperatures can put enormous strain on families and careers.

But there is hope! Great hope. If you have fatigue you owe it to yourself to start checking your body temperatures by clicking here: How to measure body temperatures.

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