In any infertility textbook it is explained that one of the first, if not the first, condition to be ruled out is hypothyroidism. Low thyroid function is more than enough to explain infertility. Unfortunately, the textbooks also indicate that low thyroid function can be ruled out with thyroid blood tests. However, there are many patients with low thyroid function that have normal thyroid blood tests because they are suffering from Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome (a reversible peripheral conversion problem), not hypothyroidism (thought of as a permanent glandular problem).

For years, some Gynecologists have been giving some of their infertile patients T3, with good results, even though their thyroid tests were perfectly normal.

Thyroid blood tests can only diagnose glandular causes of low thyroid function, not peripheral causes like Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome.

Low thyroid function should be ruled out first in infertility because it is probably the easiest cause of infertility to treat. Not only is Wilsons Temperature Syndrome easy to treat, but it has the added bonus of being reversible. It can be persistently cured. People can remain improved even after the treatment’s been discontinued.

Patients with low body temperatures and low thyroid symtpoms may benefit from T3 therapy for Wilsons Temperature Syndrome and may be able to conceive when all else has failed.