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Free Thyroid Report, WTS Newsletter, Low Body Temp Cure eBook and Body Temp Progress Chart:

FREE Thyroid Report & Newsletter


Many people suffering the effects of a low body temperature (such as fatigue, depression, anxiety, and hopelessness) are told that they’re normal when they KNOW there’s something really wrong with them.

Dr. Wilson’s free report, A Brief Overview Of The Thyroid System, covers conventional thyroid thinking, how many doctors are overlooking what may be wrong with you or someone you love, and why T3 therapy for Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome can often make such a huge difference so quickly.

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  • Weekly updates on the treatment of Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome
  • Tips, tools and secrets to help you restore your temp and health
  • Q&A with Dr. Wilson plus Success Stories from doctors and patients
  • Copy the success of others while avoiding their mistakes

You’ll also receive The Low Body Temp Cure eBook (254 pgs):

  • by Denis Wilson, M.D., originator of sustained T3 therapy
  • Considered the “Bible” of Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome
  • Signs, symptoms and solutions for low body temp
  • What to expect during T3: Timeframes and response
  • How to overcome WTS and get your life back with T3


You’ll also receive the Body Temp Progress Chart:

  • Precise self-care is critical for WTS protocol success
  • Track your temperature and symptom improvement
  • Download the PDF and print multiple copies

AND 25% off a Galinstan Thermometer!

  • Galinstan accuracy is recommended over digital
  • Replace your toxic mercury thermometer today
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FREE Thyroid Report & Newsletter

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