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Obesity and diabetes are reaching epidemic proportion in the US. Researchers are looking for answers to these closely associated problems, knowing that a single magic bullet…

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Wilson’s T3 protocol is an excellent treatment approach for a slow metabolism due to Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome and is administered under a practitioner’s care.

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Your “Low Thyroid Symptoms” Might Go Away When You Get Your Body Temperature to Normal (98.6).

Are you fed up with hearing:

  • “Your blood tests are normal.”
  • “It’s all in your head.”
  • “This is just thyroid disease, you’ll have to live with it.”

If blood tests are normal, then why do you feel overwhelmed? There’s nothing normal about problems with energy, stress, weight and mood. And the impact on fitness, family and career can be all too real.

We know it may not be “all in your head.”  Your symptoms might be attributed to your low body temperature.  If they are, there’s a good chance that the information on this site will help you get your health and your life back. Welcome to

We have found that a low body temperature can cause life-promoting enzymes to tighten and malfunction – slowing metabolism and triggering a cascade of “low thyroid-like” symptoms. Blood tests come back normal, so treatment stalls out.

We’re here to get your treatment back on track. The medical protocol presented on this website is being used by hundreds doctors and has given thousands of low body temperature patients their lives back. The protocol is Wilson’s T3 Protocol (WT3).

Discovered by Denis Wilson, M.D., this breakthrough sustained-release T3 therapy may optimize body temperature, restore healthy enzyme function, and reverse your elusive low thyroid symptoms. In many cases, the symptoms do not return for many months, if at all, even after the treatment is stopped.

Stephen Leighton, MD, Winston-Salem, NC

“I have seen some 500+ patients, all self-referred, for this condition in the last 8 years. Around 85 to 90% of the patients that I treat for Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome respond to the treatment, to some degree. Of those about 50 percent seem to recover fully with only one cycle of T3 therapy and are able to wean off and be done.”