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Meet Dr. Wilson

Dr. Wilson is known for thinking outside the box. He was accepted to medical school without a bachelor’s degree, and within 2 years of practicing medicine identified Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome (WTS) which is now taught in medical schools and treated by doctors around the world using his protocols

WTS is low body temperature and symptoms of slow metabolism with normal thyroid blood tests.  Finding WTS all started when a woman came into Dr. Wilson’s office with complaints of a low body temperature, slow metabolism, and normal bloodwork. She gave him a book entitled “Hypothyroidism the Unsuspected Illness” by Broda Barnes, MD, which suggested that low body temperature was more accurate than a TSH level in diagnosing hypothyroidism. Dr. Barnes recommended T4-containing medicine for life.  Dr. Wilson gave the patient T4-containing medicine and she recovered completely in a matter of weeks.   This contradicted what he had been taught in medical school that patients with normal thyroid tests can’t benefit from thyroid medicine.  His patient’s stunning recovery made him wonder, “maybe a lot of what I learned in medical school isn’t true”.

He started re-evaluating and treating his other patients with this new approach and about 60% of them had significant improvement! Why didn’t the other 40% respond?  He reviewed the medical literature and found that T4 is converted to active T3, 80% of which occurs outside the thyroid gland. This peripheral conversion to T3 can be inhibited by stressful events, such as childbirth, divorce, or the death of a loved one. He specifically questioned his patients and many told him that their symptoms started or worsened during periods of severe physical, mental, or emotional stress. 

He decided to try T3-only medication to normalize their temperature.  This provided significant improvement to many of the 40% of patients that initially responded poorly to T4-containing medicine. More than that, their symptoms and temperatures often remained improved even after they were weaned off the T3.  That was unexpected because when patients that improve with T4-containing medicine are weaned off the T4-containing medicine their symptoms return. It became clear that this condition was fundamentally different from hypothyroidism and he called it Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome (WTS), or Wilson’s Syndrome for short.

Postpartum DepressionEarly in the development of his treatment protocol, Dr. Wilson’s wife underwent an emergency C-section for their third child. When she was still in the hospital, she remembered the nurses saying, “Your temperature is 97 but that’s fine.” Only she didn’t feel fine, she went into severe postpartum depression. She had no energy, she felt overly overwhelmed, and the baby weight that came off so easily with the first two pregnancies wasn’t budging with this one. She was treated with T3, and her temperature normalized to 98.6 F in 2 days with complete resolution of her depression. Her pregnancy weight came right off as it did with the first two!

Dr. Wilson heard thousands of similar stories over the course of his practice. People would experience a major stress and were never the same afterward. They presented with all the symptoms of hypothyroidism / slow metabolism / low body temperature but had normal bloodwork. They were subjected to a multitude of evaluations and tests, only to be told nothing was wrong with them. One patient went to a top research hospital for a 3rd or 4th opinion and still had no explanation $30,000 later.  She saw Dr. Wilson who found her temperature was running low.  Her temperature normalized after 3 weeks of T3 therapy, and her symptoms resolved. After treating so many patients like this, Dr. Wilson knew how devastating the symptoms could be and was happy to write several books for patients and doctors on this very simple explanation and solution.  He has written 4 books, lectures domestically and internationally at medical conferences, and has trained over 3000 physicians in the treatment of Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome. These doctors have been thrilled to see patients regain their health, relationships, and quality of life. 



A Fitness Approach to Low Body Temperature (Slow Metabolism)

When patients develop WTS they often gain weight along with many other symptoms of slow metabolism.  Dr. Wilson found that some people had trouble shedding the extra weight even after their temperatures normalized with treatment and their other symptoms resolved.   Looking for a solution, he spent a couple of years reviewing basic biology and physiology and studied new insights that have emerged in the medical research within the last 10 years.  He realized that shivering, the body’s instinctive response to low temperature, could be strategically utilized to strengthen metabolism (via building mitochondria), increase body temperature, and control appetite in just minutes a day.  You don’t have to be cold to shiver and experience the benefits.  Based on this science, Dr. Wilson formulated a new fitness approach called Fastercise.  Fastercise provides the very surprising combination of much better results in much less time by affecting the body’s mode of function.  You can read more about the science and principles behind in his latest book, The Power of Fastercise.  You can also download the Fastercise mobile app (App Store and Google Play) which has videos, reminders, and other features that will make integrating Fastercise into your schedule a no-brainer.  Dr. Wilson and his daughter Allison Roberts (first Fastercise “guinea pig,” and CEO of Fastercise) started Fastercise, Inc. with the goal of refreshing human fitness the world over.  They are available for podcasts, webinars, and other media appearances.


Many people with WTS can also recover on their own with the support of herbs.  About 20 years ago, Dr. Wilson was invited by Dr. Michaël Friedman, ND, an endocrinology professor at the University of Bridgeport School of Naturopathic Medicine, to speak to his class about Wilson’s Syndrome. In the process, he learned that Dr. Friedman was using herbs to help people normalize their temperatures and Dr. Wilson was amazed at the results. He and Dr. Friedman started an herbal supplement company, Restorative Formulations, to make Dr. Friedman’s formulas available to many other physicians.  Dr. Friedman is the executive director of the Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine (AARM) which spun out of Restorative Formulations, publishes the Journal of Restorative Medicine, and presents the annual Restorative Medicine Conference where doctors are taught how to use T3, herbs, and other modalities.  AARM is the largest nonprofit alternative medicine association.

Dr. Wilson on Conference


Personal Life

In high school, Dr. Wilson was on the tennis, swimming, and diving teams, achieved the highest SAT score at his school and won the Bausch & Lomb Science Award. At 17 years old, he started college at the University of Florida and took honors chemistry. On one summer break, while attending the University of South Florida College of Medicine, he performed as a professional high diver at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida.

Dr. Wilson and his wife recently celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary.  They homeschooled all 5 of their children from 1st grade through high school. He was an active participant in their education and helped with math and science, while his wife taught them to read and oversaw their curriculums. Along the way, his penchant for invention resulted in a “baby purse” (a more convenient form of baby carrier), a “trebuchet stick” (baseball launcher to help children practice for baseball/softball and play with the family dog), and a new sport called “Skimskiing” (utilizes ski poles to propel a person down the beach on a skimboard faster than they can run).