Please Note: In Identifying The Problem(s) we looked at what the body does and what can go wrong. If you read that section first, then this section on Fixing The Problem(s), or helping the body recover, will make more sense.

In the Identifying The Problem(s) section we discussed how

  • health is defined as the body functioning well
  • the organs of the body work together to provide the body’s overall function
  • the function of the body is accomplished by organs working together
  • a problem with organ function can affect the metabolism
  • a problem with the metabolism can affect all organ function
  • this can result in a downward spiral of poor health

In this section on Fixing The Problem(s) we’re going to discuss how the Wilson’s T3 protocol (or WT3 protocol for short) might result in an upward spiral of restored health. Results of the WT3 protocol have been published in the medical literature. The protocol is an excellent treatment approach for a slow metabolism due to Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome and is administered under a healthcare practitioner’s care.

Our entire approach to [restoring] your health is fundamentally different than most other approaches. This means it will likely be quite different than what you’ve tried or heard of before, but it may also finally restore your health when nothing else has. For more information about the difference, click this link: Nature of Restorative Medicine In General

Many people are able to tolerate the WT3 protocol quite well without any side effects. When people do get side effects they are typically short-term, not long-term. Since T3 is a natural hormone found in everyone’s body since birth, it doesn’t directly damage any of the body’s tissues as prescribed by your healthcare practitioner. It is possible that existing health problems could be aggravated by short-term side effects so it is important that WT3 therapy be taken carefully according to the WT3 protocol and according to your healthcare practitioner’s supervision.

The side effects of the WT3 protocol may include fluid retention, achiness, jitteriness, irritability, increased awareness of heart beat and increased heart rate.

People can sometimes notice a difference within hours or days of taking the WT3 protocol. And sometimes, people’s complaints can sometimes get a little worse before they get better.

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