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T3 / Sustained Release and the treatment of Wilson's Temperature Syndrome

The T3 medicine that is currently on the market (Cytomel) is instant release. But Dr. Wilson and other doctors have found that Wilson's T3 therapy is far more effective and far better tolerated when the T3 is mixed with a sustained release agent. This appears to be best accomplished by skilled and experienced pharmacists with specialized equipment. This equipment is capable of evenly mixing a small vial (the size of your little finger) of pure T3 powder, into an amount of material that would fill about half of a bathtub. It is essentially impossible to make this medicine very well by hand using a mortar and pestle, and many pharmacists seem to underestimate how carefully the medicine needs to be mixed (see previous page).

Once the material is mixed it is usually packed into capsules of varying strengths that are to be taken twice a day. It's a good idea to take the T3 capsules with a full glass of water since the sustained release system operates by way of ongoing hydration of the capsule. The capsules are prescribed by doctors.

When Dr. Wilson first started treating Wilson's Temperature Syndrome, Cytomel (instant release) was all he used. When he had about 300 patients at a time on Cytomel, he would get about 6-8 beeper pages over the weekend from patients having complaints and 2-3 of those calls would be about some pretty worrisome side effects. When Dr. Wilson thought of and started using T3 mixed with a sustained release agent (see WTS history) he would go 6 months without a page.

When T3 with a sustained release agent is taken properly according to the Doctor's Manual (here's a handy Patient Orientation Sheet as well), it is generally very well tolerated and the benefits can be amazing.


Headaches & Migraines
Easy Weight Gain
Fluid Retention
Anxiety & Panic Attacks
Hair Loss
Poor Memory
Poor Concentration
Low Sex Drive
Unhealthy Nails
Dry Skin & Hair
Cold Intolerance /
Heat Intolerance
Low Motivation
Low Ambition
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
And many others...