Have you ever thought that there has to be a REASON that you are suffering from anxiety when others do not? Are you looking for answers?

Here’s a really good answer for a lot of people that suffer needlessly from anxiety and panic attacks: Low body temperatures are more than enough to explain anxiety and panic attacks. Low temperatures are often reversible, and when corrected, people often remain improved on their own (without drugs) free of anxiety and panic attacks.

The connection between thyroid and anxiety is that low thyroid can lead to low temperatures and low temperatures can lead to anxiety. However, most people with low temperatures and symptoms have normal thyroid blood tests. Many of them suffer from a reversible condition known as Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome. Wilsons Temperature Syndrome can be treated with a special thyroid protocol known as the WT3 protocol, and sometimes people can normalize their temperatures on their own with proper diet, exercise, stress reduction, and rest.

Success Story:

In 1998 after my first daughter was born I began experiencing Wilsons Temperature Syndrome symptoms. I have MS, so everyone, including myself, just thought the extreme fatigue was due to my illness and having a baby.  Then I began experiencing anxiety, depression, insomnia and panic attacks after another stressful event when my baby was 18 months old.  I then began to think that there was something else besides the MS.

At that point, I began looking for answers, doing endless research and going to countless doctors.  In 2003 after my second daughter was born with my symptoms so severe that I could not function, I read about Wilsons Temperature Syndrome in a book called Prescription for Nutritional Healing.  At that point I found hope. Of course the original doctor I went to who was listed on your website as a Wilsons Temperature Syndrome Physician wouldn’t put me on the protocol, but Armour instead.  I felt good for about 3 months, then all the benefits subsided.  Thank you for removing his name from your list.

In 2004 I saw a doctor who, although unfamiliar with Wilsons Temperature Syndrome, was willing to give it a try.  He is now listed on your website as a Wilsons Temperature Syndrome Physician. My life has been changed.  I have energy, motivation and creativity again! I sleep at night and I am no longer plagued by anxiety and panic attacks. My family has benefited greatly as well.
My husband and I are looking forward to having more children now that I am not so sick.  By the way, my MS seems to have greatly improved.

I pray that more and more people will learn about this and that doctors will become more informed and willing to try the protocol. Thank you for making everything so easily accessible and affordable. God Bless You!


The body temperature is probably the most important reading doctors rarely check!

People’s bodies and body temperatures can slow down in response to severe stress such as childbirth, divorce, or the death of a loved one. After the stress has passed they are supposed to return to normal but sometimes they don’t. Nevertheless, with proper support and encouragement they often can return to normal.

If you have anxiety and/or panic attacks you owe it to yourself to start checking your body temperatures by clicking here: How to measure body temperatures. You can track your temperatures on our free temperature log which you can print.

Some people are able to get their temperatures up wtih a prescription T3 medicine protocol (WT3 protocol). You can check our list to see if there is a doctor near you. Or you can use the information on this website (such as our free eBook and free eManual and Guide and CD) to work with your own doctor.

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