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Thyroid and Depression

Yes, low thyroid and depression can be related, doctors have known that for decades. What isn’t so well known is that patients can have normal thyroid blood tests and still have low body temperatures and the associated symptoms such as depression, weight gain, and fatigue.

The great news is that low body temperatures can often be corrected such that the depression lifts. The body temperature and depression can often remain improved on their own once recovery is complete!

You see, virtually all the functions of our bodies take place by virtue of chemical reactions. The sum of all the chemical reactions that take place in our bodies make up our metabolisms. Our metabolic rates are carefully controlled by our thyroid systems. A normal body temperature reflects a normal metabolic rate.

A problem in the thyroid system can result in a low metabolic rate, a low temperature, and depression. Thus, the connection between thyroid and depression is a low body temperature. However, people can have normal thyroid gland function and still have low body temperatures and depression. This is known as Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome and this condition can often be corrected with the right kind of thyroid medicine given in the right way (WT3 Protocol). Some people are also able to normalize their temperatures on their own with diet, exercise, stress reduction, and rest.

It appears that the body has coping mechanisms that help it respond to stress. When people go through severe physical, mental, or emotional stress their bodies can slow down to conserve energy and their temperatures can drop. Apparently, this “conservation mode” helps people make it through difficult circumstances and when the difficult circumstances pass, body temperatures and body functions are supposed to come back up to normal, but sometimes they don’t.

Almost all the chemical reactions in the body are catalyzed by enzymes and enzymes depend on their shape for their activity. And, their shape depends on their temperature! Thus, when people feel bad, their temperatures can drop, and when their temperatures drop they can feel bad. This can result in people getting stuck in a vicious cycle of despair. When people get overwhelmed and feel that they are at the end of their ropes their temperatures can drop. Ironically, a low temperature itself can leave people feeling overwhelmed and at the end of their ropes.

People with low temperatures due to Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome don’t usually die from it but they sometimes feel so bad that they would rather be dead. Interestingly, with proper treatment, their temperatures can sometimes respond in a matter of days, and they can quickly feel back to normal…even though their life circumstances haven’t changed. That is, they have the same job, the same bills, the same problems, the same marriage and family…and poof! The world looks completely different with a normal temperature.

People feel better so they feel more like exercising and doing. With normal temperatures they tend to sleep better and feel better so they cope better so their temperatures improve. In this way, captivity in a downward spiral can be replaced with a liberating upward spiral of improving good health.

Success Story:

I just started treatment

[WT3] 5 days ago and I already feel an improvement and hope it continues. I was feeling really depressed, if someone asked “How are you?” I would start crying. I’m amazed how the depression went away so quickly, I am not taking anti-depressants, so it has to be the treatment. That funny foggy feeling in my head has improved too…and I can concentrate a lot better, also.

San Dimas, CA

It would be wonderful for you if you do have a low body temperature. That could explain your depression, and low temperatures can often be corrected so that people can feel well on their own without having to take medicines (like anti-depressants) for the rest of their lives.

The body temperature is probably the most important reading doctors rarely check!

If you have depression you owe it to yourself to start checking your body temperatures by clicking here: How to measure body temperatures. You can track your temperatures on our free temperature chart which you can print.

Some people benefit from a prescription T3 medicine protocol (WT3 protocol) to get their temperatures up. You can check our list to see if there is a doctor near you.

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About the Author:

Denis Wilson, MD described Wilson 's Temperature Syndrome in 1988 after observing people with symptoms of low thyroid and low body temperature, yet who had normal blood tests. He found that by normalizing their temperatures with T3 (without T4) their symptoms often remained improved even after the treatment was discontinued. He was the first doctor to use sustained-release T3.


  1. DeAbna August 29, 2014 at 7:38 pm - Reply

    This sounds like me

  2. Clare November 13, 2015 at 11:53 pm - Reply

    In fact it can also be achieved also with crying, but not a few tears rolling down the cheeks, but watch a baby or young child. When you cry fully, you release

    the energy blockage from maybe repressed pain/trauma/anger/fear, a lot of us are conditioned from birth to not cry, if we cry as a baby a dummy/pacifier is

    forced into the mouth thus stuffing down the babies pain, we then wonder why the child might when older comfort with constantly putting food to the mouth, a

    child falls over and the parent tries to distract them from cryng with laughter or a tickle or whatever way and praises the child for being brave because they

    didn’t cry, or they are told they are a baby if they cry and only babies do that etc. All these things have then doing this child a diservice as they will

    subconsiously hurt themselves again another time or get the parent angry with them to try to release another day, also they didn’t release the stress hormones,

    cortisol/adrenaline etc from their body, which will only cause damage to the body or cause toxin build up, setting them up for always repeating this pattern in

    one form or another, crying releases the toxins in turn allows the bodies energy field within and outside the body to come back into balance, of course some

    repressed issues depending on the size of the trauma may require from 1 to hundreds of crying episodes, but each time will see more toxins release, and any

    symptoms caused by the repressed energy gradually or instantly disappear.

    The other dis-service we bring on ourselves is that by the very way we are designed, if we don’t release this energy when first caused we will attract the same

    patterns in our lives over and over again, like a loop and we also attract painful situations over and over again until we have released all this stored

    energy, so it is not easier to bury things, but reality is it can ruin our lives as we become more ‘full’ of the baggage, until we wonder why our life is so

    full of seemingly bad luck and mountains in our way, and ailments start to become a more frquent occurrence. Of course some challenges we attract are merely

    for our spiritual growth, too!

    Theres a saying when the s*** hits the fan, I believe links with this exact happening, our charas are like fans, spiinning wheels of energy, and when our

    rubbishy baggage hits the ‘fan’ life goes downhill for a time, there is usually a spiritual meaning behnd most sayings, you just have to try and interpret

    them, and its not alway what the saying is saying obviously but some hidden meaning!

    Some of the minor ailments that can easily disappear are tonsilitis, pharyngitis, ear infections/swimmers ear, anaemia, sinusitis, jaw pain, cold hands and

    feet, in fact cold hands and feet disappear the instant I get my tears out now, warmth just floods my body the instant I am finished, almost as if there is

    more room for movement of energy now, but it was some time upon embarking on my healing process before this happened. My intuition tells me also that we could

    even clear up major health issues in this way as we bring our body back into balance, after all dis-ease is just the bodies way of communicating to us that

    something is wrong with our energy field.

    The diseases I placed above for some will be many more, but I speak from my own experience and what I remembered!

    Some disease for some people will be congenital ( present from birth ) in these cases I believe we will have inherited our mother / fathers or even previous

    generations / other relatives defective energy fields, for eg; a father/mothers inability to open his/her heart fully due to repressing all traumas are under

    the impression it is a sign of weakness to cry, may have an energy ‘ hole’ in their energetic body around the heart area, then if they then conceive, there is

    a possibilty their child may also have this ‘hole’ in their energetic heart area, and quite often their problems maybe even worse if their affected parent

    also has an obvious health defect.

    The sadness is usually that the parent was never even aware of any problem they may have been able to someting about, and even sadder is that men generally

    have more fear to release their emotions as it is sometimes in some cultures not considered a manly thing to do, this is not the fault of the parents, but

    really just a lack of knowledge or awareness.

    I believe in most cases that western medicine is not the way, though I am sure there maybe exceptions to the rule.. having tried medication on occasion I have

    found it to block my energy system and disconnect me from Source/God/Universal life force etc and when this happens we limit our ability to heal ourselves as

    being connected keeps us in balance and can pave the way for health miracles to happen..

    Our exercise and diet also plays a key role in our ability to be healthy and connected and warm! If we are eating more raw, living food, vegan diet. If we

    can’t eat it raw I feel we probably shouldn’t be putting it in our body,for most of us we will feel huge benefits eating this way.

    When we do eat this way for some of us we can completely slow down the ageing process, take a look at the 79 or 80 year old ladies on youtube that live this

    way, they look like they are in their late 30’s! They will probably almost never be ill, if not at all.

    You will almost certainly start to detox the years of rubbish you may have put in your body, you may feel poorly from the toxins released and require a larger

    intake of pure, unchlorinated / un flourinated water, and I do think boiling and filtering will never be able to get rid of these chemicals completely, plus

    water has memory so will still contain the energy / vibration of these toxic chemicals.

    When your body is getting used to a healthier diet it will then start to detox emotionally, only if you are aware of these emotions enough to release them

    through crying.

    If you are in pretty good shape, ie; not a lifetime of fried junk food, and not too much emotional baggage then you are likely to shine in a short time, hair

    get silky and soft, glowy skin, boundless energy, and a soaring, happy spirit!

    For some people that are carrying many years of repressed emotions this may make us anaemic, give us other ailments, make us feel lethargic, large drops in

    sugar levels, blacking out etc etc etc as the body dumps such large amounts of toxins in the body, you may look very ill and very pale indeed, these are the

    people that will make others say ‘ahh, I know someone who is vegan or vegetarian and they look awful and ill, so I’m not going to do it’! But in actual fact

    the person that is making these changes too many all at once, when they sould probably make this a very slow process, and must emotionally heal at the same..In

    fact the healthy and not so healthy should both be trying to emotionally detox too, for best health results, because ultimately our body is always trying to

    addess this imbalance, to bring the bodies energy field into completeness and harmony, if the energy body is out of accord then the physical body can then be

    at more risk of getting dis-eased.

    Facts about food..

    Meat when farmed is pumped full of chemicals, when animals are butchered their last emotions are fear, they usually sense its bad even before their death

    comes, most deaths are completely inhumane, we ingest all the chemicals and vaccines that have been pumped into their bodies, their stress hormones they

    released at point of death, also their fear vibrations etc, we then carry this in our aura / energy field, meat takes longer than vegetables to digest causing

    bacterias to breed in the intestine and bowel, not to mention all the parasites, which can sometimes trigger cancers and according to something I read years

    ago in the average Anmerican gut was found to be upto 10lbs of rotting/putrified flesh that was just gathering over the years, probably contributing to some

    IBS. diverticulitis and probably other bowel disease.

    Food that is cooked or frozen quite often causes great stress to the body as it tries to find nutrients from the ‘dead, denatured) food.

    Then Dairy.. farmed from mistreated animals, abused and sick with sometimes their young taken away,milk which especially blocks up the third eye area, causes a

    mucous to form in the intestines, which eventually after years and years turns almost like plastic, then the body tries to eliminate this foreign body that is

    milk that was meant for calfs, after all we stop producing the enzyme that digests milk after about the age of 2 or 3 years of age, and the molecules that make

    up calfs milk are far larger and indegestible to humans and designed for a calfs massive sped up growth process, maybe that is now also denatured and dead

    with the pasteurisation processes.

    The then plasticised intestines are now no longer able to absorb nutrients into the bloodstream as efficiently if at all, thus in turn causing illness.

    Tea/coffee filled with tannin and caffiene when we probably should only ingest water, can cause crytals to form in the body then sometime contributing to

    arthritis, probably other diseases too. Some people never drink water, yet you need to too remove toxins from your body and to help your organs to function

    I aliken this to..washing up your crockery/plates/dishes etc and then expecting them to be clean!

    The fizzy drinks and sugar.. that leach our body of essential minerals and vitamins, and the sugar that paves the way for diabetes/insulin related diseases.

    The more you struggle with these changes to a new way, probably you may need to emotionally heal some first, repressed baggage can and does affect some or all

    of our dietary choices we feel drawn to making, I notice if I am feeling low will sometime be drawn back to the more damaging foods and drinks, then when I am

    on cloud 9 again / feelin good I love to eat healthy again.

    If you don’t feel strong enough to eat healthy like I did recently I thought I might be able to veg juice every day and I secretly hoped it would catalyse a

    change, wow did it just! I only managed a month but straight away my chocolate and sweets cravings disappeared 3 months later still the same and I now feel

    strong enough to continue that change! Not to mention my hair went lovely and shiny, my skin beautifully glowing and soft and more energy and less depressed!

    These results won’t be the same for everyone as I stand by the fact that some of us are sadly in worse shape than others.

    Anyway in all that I say I am sure there will always be an exception to the rule..
    And these are mostly my beliefs either intuitively or from experience, or things that I may have read over the years.

    Please do see the videos of women in their 70’s and 80’s that seem to have defied the ageing process, because if they look like this on the outside then it

    surely must be doing amazing things to the insides!

    I hope that I will not have offended anyone, merely given you something to think about.

    Also I am not saying you should come off your medication, but rather see if prolonged exposure to some of these possibly new health changes, bring about an

    improvement in your health, and allow you to minimise or eradicate the need for medication, or find natural remedies that are renowned for working wonders. In

    one of the oldest books we have the King James Bible version of this timeless message; In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was

    there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

    Remember prevention is always better than cure, and healing is better if done from within rather than sticking a plaster on the wound and masking the illness,

    rather treat the illness at the root cause.

    We can always find a pill that will seem to cure something, but then sometimes it causes something else and something else, and before we know it we are

    rattling around like a bottle of pills on many medications a day, and then constantly getting more and more disease that the Doctor then blames on old age!

    Or we can look within and heal from within.

    Make better informed choices with everything, don’ t just take everything on board as fact because it said in the paper or a scientist says, but look within

    and discern or find more information, we can be gullible like sometimes the masses are or we can grow from learning for ourselves

    I have watched my children eradicate illnesses through this healing and I have also gotten rid of diseases that I had sufferred with all my life on a pretty

    much chronic basis.

    With your healing process you will begin to learn all of the symptoms of another layer of baggage surfacing and if you are that way inclined you will do

    somthing about each one, especially once you start seeing the amazing results!

    Remember all these changes don’t happen overnight, I am still trying to implement all the things into my own life that I know are good for me, but I just keep

    trying and every now and again I conquer something else, so believe and be gentle and kind with youurself and just keep trying!

    Anyway I hope that my short post that I suddenly got carried away as I had so much to share that I felt was important and all related, stays here as it was

    only mean’ t to help others, so please Dr Denis Wilson keep this here to help others! :)

    I am sorry if I have offended you Dr Wilson, but when reading about the ailments I thought wow, thats what I have had, that now goes instantly just from crying and had to share my message!

    Kindest regards to all and many blessings of love, happiness and good health and healing!

    Clare :)

    • Dr. Denis Wilson November 15, 2015 at 4:23 pm - Reply

      Thanks for your beautiful post Clare :) I’m sure your suggestions can be very helpful to many people. Do you have any tips for how to cry, for people that might find that challenging?

  3. Janice Bray December 8, 2015 at 9:00 am - Reply

    my temperature is 35.7 or 35.9

  4. Janice Bray December 8, 2015 at 9:32 am - Reply

    latest temperature reading is 35.4

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