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Myth: Thyroid medicine is poisonous if tests are normal

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Thyroid medicine (T4 or T3) is absolutely necessary and something “you’ll probably need for life” one minute if your blood tests are low. Then, the medicine automatically becomes very bad for you the next if your tests are normal.

Wait a minute. Thyroid hormones (T4 or T3) have been floating around in our bodies since birth, and they are absolutely necessary for good health. There is nothing inherently bad about the molecules; they can’t and haven’t directly damaged the tissue of your heart, brain, or other tissues. There is no evidence that suggests that thyroid hormones, when used properly, can damage

Myth: T4 is the most important thyroid hormone

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Thyroxine or T4 is the most important thyroid hormone, and everything depends on its blood test levels being within a certain range.

FALSE. Actually, there was once a boy who was born without any thyroid function, and he was started on T3 instead of T4. He grew and developed normally and passed easily into adulthood without ever having a molecule of T4 in his body.

Myth: Thyroid medicine will damage the thyroid gland if the thyroid tests are normal

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If a person is given thyroid medicine when the thyroid blood tests are normal, or when the thyroid gland is normal, it will damage the thyroid gland.

FALSE. Whereas thyroid medicine can rest a person’s thyroid system for a time no studies have ever shown that it can damage a previously healthy gland, preventing it from functioning normally again after the medicine is discontinued. Actually, resting the thyroid system in the right way can often reset it, much like birth control pills can suppress a woman’s own female hormone system for a time to restore a normal menstrual cycle. For example,