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Stephanie’s Comments 2

“She went from looking like a ‘little old lady’ to being feisty and energetic!” – Stephanie

Issues covered in the account below:

  • Treatment
  • Cycling

Everyone is different….AND everyone’s compliance is different as well…compliance is extremely important…and controlling the wean as directed is also important to maintain progress. That said, I know someone who just recently finished her 6th cycle and finally is holding at 98.6…frustrating?…I’m sure!…but worth it?…you better believe it!! She went from looking like a “little old lady” to being feisty and energetic!

I’m getting finished with my first wean and will begin cycle two very soon…even though I haven’t captured this cycle, my average temp has increased from 97.2 to about 97.9 for the last couple days on 15mcg (it was averaging 98.4-98.6 for about a month before that)…that increase alone is enough to make me willing to continue.

Is the protocol a lot of work? I guess…but you get it down to a science and it really doesn’t take a lot of time, the battle is in remembering to do what you need to do!! I strongly recommend the Casio telememo30 or databank watches with the 5 alarms…I can’t tell you how many times I would have missed my dose without it…and with the brain fog I get…It was worth it!! :-)

Good luck and Good health,


About the Author:

Denis Wilson, MD described Wilson 's Temperature Syndrome in 1988 after observing people with symptoms of low thyroid and low body temperature, yet who had normal blood tests. He found that by normalizing their temperatures with T3 (without T4) their symptoms often remained improved even after the treatment was discontinued. He was the first doctor to use sustained-release T3.

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