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When you use the T3 in sustained release form, the WT3 protocol works much better, with fewer side effects. Sustained release T3 is compounded by pharmacists. The pharmacy you choose can affect the treatment’s efficacy since not all pharmacists have the same knowledge, experience, equipment, or skill.


Wellness Pharmacy 800 227 2627 in Alabama.

  • Wellness Pharmacy has been compounding (making custom prescriptions to order) for over 50 years and Dr. Wilson first started recommending them 23 years ago!
  • Dr. Wilson has visited them and has instructed them on his T3 protocols and they provide excellent support to both physicians and patients.
  • Wellness Pharmacy is well-staffed with numerous experienced pharmacists and technicians and they are set up so that every phone call is answered by an actual person.
  • Their systems ensure excellent quality control.
  • They do 3rd party testing for potency on their compounds as well as for competency of their pharmacists
  • They are vigilant about complying with all regulations.
  • They have state-of-the-art equipment to compound the T3 properly.
  • They provide all the Starter Packs Dr. Wilson recommends.


  • Gail’s Apothecary and Compounding Pharmacy in Alberta, Canada. (403) 329-4121
  • Kripp’s Pharmacy in British Columbia, Canada. (604) 687-2564

South Africa

Dr. Wilson has visited the CompPharm Pharmacy in Parys, South Africa personally and highly recommends them:

  • Comp Pharm Pharmacy; The Square, 24 Buiten Street, Parys, 9585; (+2756) 811 3277.  They have state-of-the-art equipment for reliably compounding the T3 and they support conferences for doctors on the treatment of WTS.