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Nikki’s Comments 3

“I don’t have any of the symptoms today” – Nikki

Issues covered in the account below:

  • Anxiety / Panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Migraines
  • Weight Gain

… I know this is going to be long but there is so much to tell you…about the great success I have had with T3. I too had most of the symptoms. I think there were 9 that I didn’t have. I don’t have any of the symptoms today. Today I can say I am well and feeling wonderful, I have been off the T 3 now for almost a month. I too had debilitating anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Fatigue, migraines, weight gain, uncontrollable crying. You name it I had it. I was so bad that in Aug 97 I had to sell my business and stay home and try and find out what was wrong with me and try and get well. It took 6 months of Doctors and many tests (I really thought I was dying) to find out that everyone said I was fine.

Now if that is what fine is I can live without it. I began to wonder about my own sanity. Maybe I was going crazy. Finally I found the book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing, and there in little print was Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome. I called, got the web site and got online, and low and behold, there I was. I just knew this was for me. I copied everything I could, ordered the Grand Slam, and waited. When it arrived I read like a mad person and headed off to my wonderful Dr. She is an internist. Asked her to please read this. I think it is me and could we try it. She took it happily and 3 days later we were working together learning about T3. I started in March 98. My first cycle was up and down (my fault I didn’t follow the steps and take med on time. It is a MUST to do that) Even though I made some mistakes the first thing I noticed in the first 5 days was the panic and anxiety attacks were not happening as often.

By the 3rd week they were gone. My temp was still flexing so I weaned off and started over and this time I was going to follow the steps to the LETTER. . I did and I just kept getting better and better. I stayed on the T3 until the end of August and weaned off and have been off almost a month and I even feel better then I did on the medicine. It is wonderful to feel this way. I can’t ever remember feeling so good and energized. Also the weight is just coming off–never had that happen before. 20lbs now . I have always had a weight problem. I have been anywhere from 20 to 100 pounds over weight. Thank you Dr Wilson and my wonderful Dr for being open and trying something new. I forgot to tell you that on the first cycle I was taking 7.5 mcg twice a day and worked up to 22.5mcg twice a day. The second cycle I only needed to work up to 15 mcg twice a day to capture my temp and hold it there. I must admit if I needed to stay on the medicine the rest of my life to feel good I would do it. It has saved my life and sanity. I am looking forward to life and all the adventures and journeys that lay ahead for me now with excitement. If there is anything I can do to help anyone out there, please let me know.

Peace, Love and DrgNfly Kisses,


About the Author:

Denis Wilson, MD described Wilson 's Temperature Syndrome in 1988 after observing people with symptoms of low thyroid and low body temperature, yet who had normal blood tests. He found that by normalizing their temperatures with T3 (without T4) their symptoms often remained improved even after the treatment was discontinued. He was the first doctor to use sustained-release T3.

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