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Bottom Line It Works

Bottom Line It Works

Suspecting a different kind of thyroid system problem, I tried a different kind of thyroid approach. Over time, the paradigm for the condition and the treatment continued to be revised based on experience with the treatment. Then, after much experience in thousands of patients the development curve flattened out, and the treatment reached its present form as presented in this manual. Rest assured that everything recommended in this manual is recommended for a reason. If people don’t closely follow the protocol in this manual, even though there’s a chance they would get better results, I believe there’s a far greater chance that they will get worse results than if they had (possibly much worse). The title of this manual could well be, “How to Minimize the Risk and Maximize the Benefit of T3 Therapy.” The treatment outlined in this manual works. And it works very reproducibly and predictably well.

With the treatment, doctors and patients saw improvements that dismiss conventional thinking about the thyroid system. At that point, there were two things they wanted, an explanation and a name.

I offer as an explanation, the paradigm upon which the treatment was based, and present it in this manual. The treatment was based on the paradigm, and the treatment works far more predictably and reproducibly than any other thyroid treatment, so what does that suggest about the paradigm? It suggests that the paradigm is a far more accurate description of what is occurring downstream in the thyroid system than has been previously presented. Although we don’t have the technology to be able to see exactly what’s happening in every cell of the body, in vivo as it happens, one thing is certain: the T3 therapy described in this manual works exceptionally well, so more is going on downstream than we previously thought.

Because the treatment implies and defines the condition, in a sense the term Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome applies as much to the treatment as it does to the condition. The name given to the condition and its treatment is a story in itself.