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How To Use This eManual

How To Use This eManual

It won’t take long to get through this manual. I’ve tried to make it fun and interesting to read. You might even be able to finish it in one sitting.

There are four main sections of this manual; which one you use will depend on what you’re trying to accomplish. They are the Case Studies, the Chapters, and the Modules, Caveats, and Questions, and Same Principles Applied Differently.

One can quickly get an overall view of what’s involved in treating Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome by reading the Case Studies in the beginning of the manual. They introduce you to the finer details of management that are thoroughly explained in the Chapters.

There are certain physiological principles pertaining to T3 therapy that every doctor using T3 should understand. These principles dictate rationale, methods of treatment, and explain patient response. The Chapters provide this crucial understanding..

The Modules are 6 inter-related flowcharts that show how Dr. Wilson applied the principals of T3 therapy in the treatment of Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome. These time-saving flowcharts organize the information presented in the Chapters. The Caveats are concise important points to remember. The Questions provide very common questions and answers about management.

Same Principles Applied Differently shows how other doctors like to apply the principals of T3 therapy in the treatment of Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome.


Concept blocks appear throughout to help you assimilate the ideas that are presented or to add additional discussion.