The symptoms of Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome are classic symptoms of slow metabolism as in hypothyroidism. A patient doesn’t have to have all the symptoms to respond well to T3 therapy. In fact, you may only have one. Low body temperatures can affect people differently, and can be the cause of many different symptoms: (you can click here for a more complete, printable checklist you can use to track your progress before, during, and after treatment. You may need to download the free Acrobat Reader in order to view and print the checklist)

Fatigue Headaches Migraines
PMS Irritability Fluid Retention
Anxiety &
Panic Attacks
Hair Loss Depression
Decreased Memory & Concentration Heat and/or Cold Intolerance Abnormal Swallowing Sensations
Insomnia Constipation Easy Weight Gain
Low Motivation & Ambition Irritable Bowel Syndrome Muscle and Joint Aches
Dry Skin & Hair Hives Asthma
Allergies Brittle Nails Slow Healing
Sweating Abnormalities Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Raynaud’s Phenomenon
Itchiness Irregular Periods Acne
Low Sex Drive Easy bruising Unhealthy Nails
Ringing of the Ears Flushing Bad Breath
Dry Eyes/Blurred Vision And Others…