T3 levels that are too low, too high, or unsteady can cause side effects. The body temperature patterns are useful in helping one make the distinction. The most common cause of side effects is T3 levels that are unsteady. Unsteady T3 levels are most commonly generated by not getting a good, fresh, steady start on a cycle; or by not taking the T3 compound (p112) very well on time every 12 hours. Improved compliance to dosing times may be all that is necessary to alleviate the side effects. If side effects are more severe then one should consider a T4-test dose (p129). If that doesn’t work, then it would probably be best for the patient to wean gradually off the T3 therapy. If it is decided that another cycle will be started, then one should make sure that the patient remains off the T3 therapy long enough to get a good, fresh start on the next cycle (p96).