I usually start by weaning the patients by one 7.5 mcg decrement per dose, every 2 days. For example, if the patient is now on 30 mcg p.o. BID then I would recommend that the patient go down to 22.5 mcg’s tomorrow, and then down to 15 mcg’s p.o. BID two days later, and so on. However, if the patients’ temperatures are clearly trending downward, then I would decelerate the weaning process to one decrement every 4 days. And if that’s still too fast, I would decelerate the wean to one decrement every 6 days. The less a patient’s temperature drops during the weaning process, the less medicine (often many multiples less-one-fifth, one tenth, one twentieth, etc.) will be needed to get the temperature up the next cycle. If one weans too quickly off a cycle, and does not give the body a chance to take over again, then one can squander much of the benefit of a cycle. If there has been any improvement with a given cycle, much if not all of it is retained if the T3 is weaned slowly enough and the patient is not under a great deal of stress (Q10).