The purpose of the WT3 protocol is to raise the body temperature patterns to average closer to normal (98.6 degrees). As soon as the starting dose of T3 is administered to the patient, the body begins to be relieved of the responsibility (for a time) of producing so much T4 and T3 on its own. Like a thermostat, the body detects the T3 medication being given by mouth, and a signal is sent to the thyroid gland to let it know that it does not need to produce as much T4, and consequently, T3. As discussed previously, the two subgoals of treatment are to reset the system and to administer the WT3 protocol in the meantime in such a way as to bring the body temperature patterns closer to normal. Bringing the body temperature patterns closer to normal involves supplying enough T3 to stimulate the cells to generate normal body temperature patterns. So initial doses of T3 are administered to begin the effort to restore the body temperature levels to normal.