People usually go to the doctor when they are being bothered by a medical problem which they cannot easily solve on their own. When addressing such a problem, the doctor may consider the possible causes of the problem and the alternative approaches in addressing it. Pros and cons, risks and benefits of each alternative are weighed in deciding how to proceed. In patients suspected of suffering from Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome, because there is no explanation with blood tests or otherwise to account for the patient’s classic presentation and complaints, there are several alternative approaches.

1. Non-treatment
2. Alternative treatment including behavioral and dietary changes
3. Definitive treatment, when necessary, with Wilson’s T3 Protocol

  • Non-treatment
  • Alternative Treatment Including Behavioral And Dietary Changes
  • Definitive Treatment with the WT3 protocol
  • Rationale for Treatment
  • T4 Or T3?
  • “Resetting” The System
  • The WT3 protocol Helpful For Many
  • Patient Evaluation
  • Temperature Patterns
  • Potential Risks And Benefits
  • Goal Of the WT3 protocol
  • Thyroid Medicines
  • Purpose Of T3
  • Compensation
  • Cycling
  • T3 Dosing, Steadiness Is Everything
  • Time Frame Of Treatment
  • Ripples
  • Typical Responses To the WT3 protocol
  • Balancing With Other Systems
  • Remain Normal After Treatment?
  • Important Details