As discussed in previous chapters, there can be a good physiological reason Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome sufferers frequently feel as if they do not have enough resources to adequately address the challenges that face them. Molehills often seem to be mountains. We all know what it feels like to have days when we just don’t feel like doing much, whether because of illness or discouragement or other reasons. These same feelings often are very exaggerated in patients with Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome . Their overwhelmed feelings, and lack of ambition or motivation are often quite inappropriate in relation to their current living situation (with there being no apparent reason or explanation).

This one symptom accounts for a scenario repeated time and time again every day throughout this country to which most of are completely oblivious. There are seemingly able-bodied people, who for no apparent reason ( and not because they want to), will spend hours during the day, days on end, for even weeks and months virtually doing nothing more than sleeping or sitting in a chair. It is hard to imagine the impact this one symptom can have in the quality of life and productivity in the lives of these individuals and, therefore, in our society. I have seen, first hand, working with some of these patients the toll it takes in terms of their careers, days off from work, lost business opportunities, failed businesses, and the costs to employers.